Name: Aiyra
Age: 28
Earth: 1
Nationality: Brazilian
DNA: Metahuman
Team: DC's Lengend of Tomorrow


hair, hairstyle, and beauty image Image removed fashion, black, and gothic image fashion, black, and outfit image rp, cindy kimberly, and wolfiecindy image fitness, gym, and sport image


blue, blue skies, and blue sky image ocean, sea, and cup image
alternative, aesthetic, and control image
It can read and control minds. Distort people's reality. Transfer thoughts from one person to another


coding, desk, and it image Image by Mariana Estriga
Expert in programming technology, she came from Brazil to work at Star Labs in Central City
gif, reverse flash, and eobard thawne image the flash, tom cavanagh, and harrison wells image
She became involved with Dr. Wells. When the team discovered the truth, she took advantage of this to try to find out Thawne's plans and tell the team
cw, flash, and sad image gift, team, and trust image
But she can't say anything because she was too involved with him Everyone was very disappointed in her, including herself. Returning to his home in Brazil
dc's legends of tomorrow image
She was hit by dark matter but only felt the effects when she got home. A while later she was recruited to the Legends.
cw, DC, and season 5 image
She didn't know if she could be part of another team again. But everyone gave him strength, especially Mike. Managed to fit in well since this was the team of misfits


Best Friend

Image by Clarie
delicious, burguer, and fast food image beer, sunset, and sun image
Your best friend is Mike. They share many common interests like a love of beer, food, football and a somewhat bleak past
legends of tomorrow, atom, and gif image
When she had to face Eobard Thawne again, revealed to Ray everything that had happened between the two, so Ray helped her get over it and that's when...

Ray Palmer

the atom image
legends of tomorrow image
The two began to be together. He protected her like no one else and was the first guy managed to be with after Thawne
atom, gif, and ray palmer image
Mike is jealous of their relationship
legends, legends of tomorrow, and here i go again image
And she is jealous of him with Zari
gif and legends of tomorrow image
This is the team

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