Unfortunately, when it comes to period cramps, not a lot works. Nonetheless, within this article I will present you with 5 (possible) cures that are effortlessly easy to try out:)

Cure One Hot Tea

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The combination of the drink's heat & it's natural healing properties results in your stomach to be momentarily relieved from pain.
My review: It definitely helped, however I will say that a couple other methods on this list did a bit better.

Cure Two Painkillers

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Although this method seems dated, never underestimate the power of a basic painkiller.
My review: I think that an important step in finding the right healing method involves first analyzing how much pain you're actually in. This method completely relieves smaller to medium ailments; & partly relieves bigger amounts of pain.

Cure Three Ginger Ale

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Believe it or not, this common soda works for more than just basic stomach-aches. It also is known to aid period stomach cramps.
My review: this actually worked quite well for me, especially since it's a drink that can't be thrown up.

Cure Four Heating Pad

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The heating pad is so popular for a reason!
My rating: No matter how bad my pain is, the heating pad always seems to work for me.

Cure Five Just go to Sleep

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This may sound like an excuse for a cure, but honestly it's always preferable to just sitting in pain. Also sleep is tremendously good for you!
My Rating: This has definitely worked for me. I either wake up & the pain is gone, or it's mostly gone.

Hi again ya'll! Whether these methods worked out for you —and I hope they did— I honestly just hope you feel better during this difficult time:)

Bye now! Stay fabulous<3

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