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Basic Info

Name: Min Yu-jin
Stage Name: MaMi
Birthday: January 13th, 1996
Nationality: Korean
Language: Korean, English ( she studied in America)
Solo o Group: Solo


Height: 1,67 m
Weight: 47 Kg
Eye colors: Grey/Green
Hair: Blonde

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MaMi is a very confident girl, crazy and friendly person. She is talent, perfectionist, hardworking and responsible girl.


- Airport/ everyday

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- On stage

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- Interviews

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ID: @ HI.itsMaMi
posts: 852
followers: 31.5M
following: 137

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Idol Friends

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Hwasa ( Mamamoo)
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Lee Hi
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Jay Park
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zico image zico image
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Jackson Wang (GOT7)


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ONE. They were often spotted going out to cafes or shopping together. One on his ig account stated that they have been friends since trainee days, but that he has always been fascinated by MaMi's charisma.
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Sik-K. Mami's fans saw in her instastories the Sik-K recording studio with the words "new project". Photos were released of the two of them entering and leaving the studio, the fans were very excited and the song was a great success. After the release of the song, fans noticed a MaMi's instastorie of a business lunch in a restaurant and after 2 days Sik-K posted a photo of a lunch with Jay Park in the same restaurant. Fans of both are hoping and checking if there is more than one "working partnership".


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MaMi released in an interview that she was happily single, and that if love were to knock on her door, she would be ready to open it.

- she is the third of three children ( 2 older brothers),
- she has a cat called Bimba,

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- she was discover on social media, and has participated in several TV shows,
- she loves to go to party with her friends, and write new songs,
- she has several small tattoos

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Debute Date : April 24th, 2019
Company: AOMG

Debut song
"Sick of Hide "
-> combination of “Gotta Go ” by Soyou and “Me Like Yuh ” by Jay Park