OC in songs 6

Hot Knife – Fiona Apple

dark academia image love, couple, and black and white image
yearning~ also it has the vibe of theo, just wild abandon though still in control
“I'm a hot knife, he's a pat of butter/If I get a chance, I'm gonna show him that/He's never gonna need another, never need another”

Cemetry Gates – The Smiths

black and girl image cemetery, dark, and gate image
one of theo's favorite past times is to read poetry with friends in graveyards
“So I meet you at the cemetry gates/Keats and Yeats are on your side/While Wilde is on mine”

Are You Satisfied? – MARINA

aesthetic, alcohol, and alternative image Abusive image
theo doesn't want to be another face in the crowd, she wants to be something, do something
“Are you satisfied with an easy ride?/Once you cross the line will you be satisfied?”

Sweater Weather – The Neighborhood

couple, love, and goals image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
i have to include the bi anthem for theo, it was between this and girls/girls/boys by p!atd
“Touch my neck and I'll touch yours/You in those little high waisted shorts, oh”

Nobody – Mitski

Image removed broken, dark, and sad image
more yearning~ a lot of this song describes the loneliness that theo feels but won't express, feeling alone makes her insecure
“And I know no one will save me/I just need someone to kiss/Give me one good honest kiss/And I'll be alright”

Witness – Mindless Self Indulgence

aesthetic, pale, and statues image black, fashion, and dark image
theo has a little bit of a god complex which shines through when anyone underestimates her
“Son of a bitch!/God likes me/I am the best/Fuck everybody else”

Che Vuole Questa Musica Stasera – Peppino Gagliardi

love, couple, and nature image city, street, and travel image
theo always misses italy even though she visits every summer, this italian song is about missing a lost love and that's what italy is for theo
“Who wants this music tonight?/It'll remind me a bit of the past” (translated)

Tonight the Streets Are Ours – Richard Hawley

shadow, friends, and aesthetic image the dreamers, art, and eva green image
theo wants nothing more than to run through the streets of the city at 4 am with her dearest friends and laugh as if they own the world
“Tonight the streets are ours/These lights in our hearts they tell no lies”

NFWMB – Hozier

art, couple, and painting image laura makabresku image
even more yearning~ theo aches for a love that she can consume fully and that will consume her
“If I was born as a blackthorn tree/I'd wanna be felled by you/Held by you/Fuel the pyre of your enemies”

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