The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.
– Juliette Lewis

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CONFESSION #8 **(Trigger warning)**

❝ I don't know what's wrong with me. I feel so heavy. I don’t want to do things I loved doing, I don’t want to talk to people I love, I can’t sleep at night anymore and I picked up a knife today.
I didn’t cut myself but I wanted to. I know it’s’s so so wrong, I kept telling myself to sit down, not walk to the kitchen, not pick up the knife, I really did. But it’s as if my body is not my own anymore. I’m tired of everything, I’m tired of crying for no reason, I’m tired feeling empty and powerless. I want to sleep.

We would like to thank the writer for choosing the correct path. Because death is never the answer and by not taking the step, you have shown much more strength than a lot of people. We're not professionals and we won't be able to help like that, but we're here if you want help and support.

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Anika/@TaintedAesthatics - Dear Anonymous, I know what you feel. I’ve been through what you’ve been through. I’ve tried what you tried to do. And, the fact that you didn’t end your life shows how strong you were. You’re a survivor. Don’t ever underestimate yourself. Yes, there will be days where you’ll feel so alone, you’ll feel numb or you’ll feel too much. These feelings will hurt to the point where you think you should end your life. But, remember, this phase will pass. There are so many things to live for. Whenever I have those thoughts, I remember that I haven’t fallen in love yet, haven’t travelled the places I wanted, haven’t even been able to go to a Taylor Swift concert, that tomorrow another beautiful sunrise is coming and I won’t be able to see it if I die and so much more. I still have the whole world left to see. Experiences to experience. Feelings to feel. You will find someone, something, a reason to live. You don’t need to plan about the future. Pass each day one by one. Laugh, cry, scream, do all the small things you love. And, finally, you can talk to me. I know the feeling of loneliness and I wish that whoever is reading this doesn’t. So, I promise, if you text me on WHI, I will not disclose your identity to anyone. I know I don’t know you, but trust me, I do care. Because we’re survivors, we know what the other feels, we stick together. So please, talk to me if you want to. I want you to. Lot’s of love.
Maria/@Desconocido - Dear Anonymous. First of all I want to tell you that it is okay to feel the way you’re feeling. Even though it sucks to feel that way, don’t blame yourself or feel guilty for it. The fact that you could tell yourself not to hurt yourself, shows you’re incredibly strong! It also shows that you are willing to move away from the negative thoughts, which I hope you can hold on to. So don’t be ashamed or mad at yourself for having (had) those thoughts, be proud of yourself for not letting the thoughts take over your actions! And even if they had done that in the past, the fact that you are reaching out shows your motivation to get better. You did that alone, that's huge! I hope that you can find a way to decide that you will not let those thoughts define you, and that you can start thinking of ways to gain more positive feelings. Maybe find a daily routine of sleep and activities (like reading in the morning, go for a walk after lunch, then watch a movie and go to bed around the same time every day). And when you’re trying to have these happier days, don’t lose hope. There are always going to come days where you feel lonely or sad, but that doesn’t mean you’re weak or that you failed on your road to happiness. You can try again tomorrow, or the day after that. You are strong for even trying, strong for reaching out and seeking help. Lastly, remember that we are all here for you to talk and listen!
Paula/@thisismesolar - Sweetie, I can't really tell you anything as important as my other teammates, I can not relate, but I will talk to you from the point of view of a friend, because I have friends that have gone through that. You are strong! You are mostly important, and even though you don't feel it, I can tell you that at least one person loves you, I'm sure. And if that person is not near you? You have me, you are important for me, for the writers in my team, and I'm sure that any person that reads this, thinks you are important. You have gone through a lot, you are actually a survivor of the different problems you have affront in life, because even though we don't like to accept it, LIFE IS A BITCH, with everyone! As my teammate said, always in life we will have to affront sad days, but also, good days will come, I'm sure of it. You are strong, you are perfect, and you have my complete support because you are a survivor. Repeat with me, someone cares about me, even though i don't know her, she cares. Please take care, anything you need I will always be here. Stay safe and take care.
Anonymous - Hey We Heart It Anonymous Team,
It's me, the girl who tried to kill herself. It sounds so bad when I say it now. I don't know what came over me that night and, I really don't know why I did that. But, something stopped me and, I'm going to hold onto that something till I can. I just wanted to let you people know, that your words made me smile and gave me a heartache at the same time. It's amazing how people you don't know can make you almost cry with their words (happy tears). Thank you so much for your kindness. It means a lot to me and all the other anonymous confessors. It feels like we have someone to share things with, without fearing judgment or rumours. What you guys are doing is amazing. Thank you for showing me a ray of light.

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