name: Sarah Mclaren
age: 16
zodiac sign: pisces
story: she is Jackie’s cousin. She moved from Miami to Point Place when her mother decided to go on a holiday in Mexico, so she lives with Jackie. Her mother was supposed to return after a month, but she decided to stay there a little longer. She came back after four years.


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At the beginning she feels very insecure beacuse her mother alway told her she wasn’t pretty and smart enough. Time by time she started being more confident with herself. She is alway kind to everyone but she is also very revengeful if someone lies to her. She get a crush on every cute guy that gives her attention.


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She loves roller skating with Fez and Jackie. She’s really good at painting and she have the best ideas when she smokes with the guys. She also really like fashion and loves to go shopping with Jackie.


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She loves spending time with all the group, but mostly with Fez and Jackie. Even if Fez always flirts with her and makes dirty jokes, she considers him like a brother.


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She can’t maintain a stable relationship. She has dated a lot of guy, but has never met the right one. She also had a little thing with Eric when him and Donna broke up.


“May the fashion be with you.”
“It’s raining and I’m a child of Florida. I can’t go out i’ll melt!”
“See? We both like pudding, we’re meant to be.”
“We were never going to work anyway, he doesn’t even like beer.”
“I gotta call my fortune teller, like right now!”