Six Tv Shows

community image eleanor and the good place image 7, Umbrella Academy, and vanya hargreeves image doctor who, matt smith, and amy pond image amy, peralta, and JAKe image DC, jim carrey, and penguin image
Community - The Umbrella Academy - Brooklyn 99 - Gotham - The Good Place - Doctor Who

Six Movies

star wars, daisy ridley, and rey image still image drew barrymore, ever after, and dougray scott image mamma mia and meryl streep image colors, rocket raccoon, and vol 2 image gif, racism, and archaeology image
Star wars: The Last Jedi - Ever After - Mamma Mia - Raiders of the Lost Ark - Knives Out - Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Six animated movies

aesthetic, animation, and beautiful image Image by a head full of dreams dreamworks, miguel, and the road to el dorado image Image removed Image removed blue, princess, and purple image
The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Mulan - Tarzan - The Road to El Dorado - Zootopia - Tangled

Six female characters

scooby doo, scooby-doo, and velma dinkley image gif, Marvel, and captain marvel image Image removed woman, terminator, and linda hamilton image star wars, the force awakens, and daisy ridley image disney, movie, and mulan image
Velma - Captain Marvel - Amy Santiago - Sara Connor - Rey - Mulan

Six male characters

community, nicholas cage, and danny pudi image Gotham, oswald cobblepot, and robin lord taylor image klaus hargreeves image blue, luke skywalker, and han solo image sherlock, benedict cumberbatch, and sherlock holmes image Avengers, Marvel, and endgame image
Abed Nadir - Luke Skywalker - Rocket Raccon - Oswald Cobblepot - Klaus Hargreeves - Sherlock Holmes

Six friendships

community, tv show, and troy image stranger things, eleven, and max image finn, poe, and star wars image gif, chidi anagonye, and tahani al jamil image amy, amysantiago, and pfp image Image by Nati
Troy and Abed - Eleven and Max - Finn, Rey and Poe - Tahani and Jason - Rosa and Amy - Scott and Stiles.

Six actresses

Image by LFM actress, black swan, and castle image aesthetic, tumblr, and brie larson image tessa thompson image red hair image classy, glamour, and Couture image
Natalie Portman - Brie Larson - Tessa Thompson - Lucy Liu - Drew Barrymore - Anne Hathaway

Six actors

apple tv, brad, and danny pudi image Image removed gif, Henry Cavill, and the witcher image hobbit and the lord of the rings image michael b jordan image boy, guy, and Martin Freeman image
Tom Hiddleston - Joey Batey - Danny Pudi - Orlando Bloom - Michael b. Jordan - Martin Freeman

Six casts

lena headey, game of thrones, and nikolaj coster waldau image beautiful, five, and serie image Gotham and gotham cast image Marvel, mcu, and Avengers image jake peralta, amy santiago, and captain holt image teen wolf, tyler posey, and dylan o'brien image
Game of Thrones - MCU - Brooklyn 99 - The Umbrella Academy - Gotham - Teen Wolf

Six Artists

aesthetic, background, and boy image marina image girl group, 여자친구, and jpop image bts, v, and taehyung image crybaby, melanie, and woman image beauty, girl, and model image
Panic! at The Disco (Brendon Ulrie) - MARINA - BTS - GFRIEND - Melanie Martinez - Lana Del Rey