Hi lovelies! I've been finding a lot of really good Christian songs that I had never even heard of before and I wanted to share some of them. These are songs they don't play on the radio and some of the singers mentioned need your support because they haven't been what you would call "discovered" yet. And if you listen to them, you'll find them to be just downright pleasing because they don't sound like the Christian songs you're used to!

ღ "Sweeter Than Wine" by John Mark Pantana
ღ "Loving Kind" by Antoine Bradford
ღ "Wide Place" by Laity
ღ "To Be Near You" by WYLD and Elisabeth Harder

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Your love is better than life
Your love is sweeter than the sweetest wine

ღ "Diamonds As Your Skin" by John Mark Pantana
ღ "Satisfy" by Rivers & Robots
ღ "Come What May" by Taylor Armstrong and Sarah Juers
ღ "Made For Jesus" by John Mark Pantana
ღ "Strawberry Fields" by John Mark Pantana

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Kingly is Your smile
Affections I can't deny
Love runs through Your thoughts for me
Your eyes are smiling into me

ღ "Kind (lo-fi)" by Ben Potter
ღ "Anchor" by Sarah Juers
ღ "In Your Midst" by Allie Paige
ღ "Still" by Allie Paige and Loren North
ღ "Beyond The Blue" by Josh Garrels

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Your heart is kind
Your heart always beats kindly
You are a friend who wraps comfort around me
You are a wide-open space, I'll breathe easy
You are love

Thats it for this article, if you liked me doing this kind of article about music/ songs you should listen to, please give it a heart. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a blessed day. ILY!


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