after reading the responses of @studylatin I was desperate to give it a go too, I've linked the article which inspired me, so I hope you enjoy reading :)
1. what is your favourite period of history to learn about?
possibly the oldest civilisation called the sumerian civilisation established between 4000 and 1900 bc, I really enjoy learning about ancient history and the introduction of civilisations across Europe and Africa. furthermore, I have always had an interest in the founding of the nations located in the Americas and how mainly European nations would colonise them during the renaissance period, so its definitely a toss up between ancient history and 15th to 17th century America and Europe.
2. what piece of music makes you feel better?
ooh, perhaps music from some of my favourite soundtracks from films such as burlesque and mamma mia, although, if were talking kind of scientific, probably marconi union who creates music which has been proven to calm listeners down.
3. Do you tend to overthink?
yes all the time, usually when approaching new experiences which appear as challenges and major obstacles to me as well as school where I have spent many hours overthinking.
4. If you were to write a book, what genre would it be? What kind of atmosphere would it have?
I have read a few victorian gothic which is possibly a genre I would lean towards, although I feel that victorian gothic literatures is incomplete without the specific type of music which I think should accompany it. It would have undertones of horror and romance as in jane eyre but also somehow made into a tragedy,
5. name the fictional character that you relate to the most.
I think Fiona Frauenfeld has many similarities to myself which I discovered whilst reading the miss peregrines home for peculiar children books. her peculiarity is also what I'd imagined would be mine. she has the ability to make plants grow, something very suiting for me.
6. name the fictional character that you would like to be friends with.
I would like to be friends with either kimberly or Landon from the after series, I love their personalities, and of course Hermione from Harry Potter because who wouldn't?
7. What scent is most comforting to you?
anything that associates with the cooler and autumnal months, such as warm tomato soup or cinnamon.
8. What are you currently reading?
I'm in the middle of a few books at the moment. I'm reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley for school and I'm also making my way through after ever happy by Anna Todd (which is BRILLIANT by the way).
9. If you could be fluent in three languages, which would you choose?
I don't think I could ever narrow it down to three but I would love to know french, latin, greek and arabic.
10. What is your computer wallpaper set as?
it's a wallpaper from the device itself and it's an image the woodlands.
11. Are you typically a procrastinator?
yes and no. usually no because I am always keeping up to deadlines either when their urgent or generally important tasks but when it comes to either longer pieces of writings or books to read, I tend to take much more time on them but still managing to meet the deadlines.
12. Name your top three fruit varieties.
berries, mangoes and apples
13. If you were a season and a type of weather, what would you be?
autumn ! I not only love the autumnal months but I feel that it reflects me as a person in a way. a mixture of rainy and dull days but there is always a contrast with the colourful leaves providing a sense of happiness and warmth. it's an odd season really because its so beautiful yet nature is dying.
14. What is your favourite film and why?
I don't think I have one, though there are films that I will always love and never get bored of such as the after films, Harry Potter and twilight. the alternative universes contain so much excitement, evident in Harry Potter and twilight where the supernatural leaves so much room for imagination. to conclude why I love them? well I could go on...
thank you for reading if you got this far and thank you to @studylatin for the inspiration
Layla x