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favorite female character

elite and danna paola image elite, nadia, and netflix image
Lu and Nadia!

favorite male character

boy, aron piper, and elite image elite, aron piper, and ander image
Ander <33

least favorite female character

elite, netflix, and cayetana image elite, netflix, and cayetana image
I don’t really like Cayetana

least favorite male character

elite, series, and netflix image netflix, elite, and series image
Malick and Yeray

most overrated character

elite, la casa de papel, and nano image actor, chicos, and elite image

most underrated character

christian, elite, and series image elite, espana, and tv show image

favorite friendship

elite, nadia, and lu image elite, guzman, and friendship image
Lu and Nadia / Ander and Guzman

favorite couple

elite, guzman, and ​amor image elite, guzman, and nuzmán image
definitely Guznadia

favorite quotes

elite, series, and text image elite, quotes, and ander image

favorite actor/actress

aesthetic, beautiful, and carla image leopard print, boy man, and fashion style outfit image
All of them are so talented, but I really love Ester Esposito and Aron Piper!

favorite season

elite, netflix, and danna paola image elite, netflix, and carla image
Season 2 and 3!

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Wanderlust by Nina
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