Name: Effie
Age: 20
Home: Athens, Greece
Zodiac sign: Taurus


amazing, awesome, and beautiful image eyes, green, and aesthetic image
I have beautiful curly brown hair and green eyes.


Image by CE Donia Nabil Samara mine, nine muses, and aesthetic alice image violin image art, painting, and piano image
I have the power of music and lyric poetry

🎼My mother:

goddess, neutral, and aphrodite image flowers, makeup, and aesthetic image art, flute, and lady image art, aesthetic, and painting image
Euterpe (meaning delight) one of 9 muses. She has beautiful wavy light brown hair and green eyes. She is the muse of music and lyric poetry. My father is from the real world, Athens. He is human (mortal).

🎼 Grandfather:

Image by rumina escultura, rosa, and Zeus image Zeus, greek gods, and mitologia image art, Zeus, and athena image
Zeus, God of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order, justice. The king of Gods.

🎼 Grandmother:

bright, aesthetics, and yellow image books, greek, and titans image
Mnemosyne,Titaness goddess of memory and remembrance.

🎼 Style:

In Olympus

dress, fashion, and gold image white image hair, hairstyle, and gold image dress and aesthetic image
I have a crown of laurel leaves.

In real life

dress, fashion, and style image shoes, black, and heels image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion image

🎼 Symbols:

flute, music, and rose image guitar and music image Temporarily removed brown, cello, and classical music image
My symbol is mostly, the flute, guitar and all the musical instruments.


Temporarily removed
The 8 muses.


In Olympus

Olympus and pjo image sky, clouds, and beautiful image gold, aesthetic, and blue image architecture, aesthetic, and stairs image

In real life

architecture, house, and backyard image home, interior, and house image book, home, and room image desk, home decor, and home image

🎼My friends:

logan lerman and persy jackson image
Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon.
alexandra daddario, percy jackson, and annabeth chase image
Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena.

🎼My love:

arms, beach, and boys image apollo, greek gods, and mitologia image arrow and aesthetic image Image removed
Ashton, son of Apollo.