I started to re-watch Teen Wolf a few weeks ago, and now I'm obsessed with it AGAIN.

NAME : Arya Stilinski


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The smallest girl in the group, skinny, always a smile on her face, brown hair and eyes


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She loves stealing her brother's shirt, always wearing comfortable clothes, she doesn't really care about the way she dresses, as long as she feels good in it


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Always kind to everyone and always wants to help. She wants to be a nurse. Strongly believe in her idea. She smiles a lot but she has a lot going on in her mind.


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A witch
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She was born a witch but noticed she had power when her adoptive mother died. Because of her pain, strange things happened aroud her. She managed to control her power by herself because she didn't wanted to involve her adoptive family in whatever what's was going on with her. Her eyes turns purple when she use a lot of power.


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She was adopted by the Stilinskis when she was 5. No one know what happened to her family, no one know how they died.


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Running, reading, nature, astronomy


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Adoptive brother and best friend.
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She met him at the same time Stiles did, he's like family. She's part of his pack.
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Since they discovered Lydia is a banshee, Arya and her got really close.
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As soon as they arrived at school, Arya became really close to them.
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Really cares about him, treats him like her little brother.


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"Don't find love, let love find you. That's why it's called falling in love because you don't force yourself to fall, you just fall"

She fell immediatly for him, like a "coup de foudre". No need to tell you how much Stiles doesn't like their relationship.