Grace Kelly (later Princess Grace Grimaldi) was an American actress, and Princess of Monaco in 1956-1982. Also, she was an Oscar winner for her role in 'Girl from the Province' and Golden Globe winner for her role in 'Mogambo'. After she got married to Prince Rainier III, she was forced to abandon her career as an actress.

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As a young woman, when she attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Kelly tested her abilities as a model. She was on the cover of magazines like ‘Cosmopolitan’ or ‘Redbook’. Also, she took part in a commercial for a cigarette company.

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Grace Kelly had a natural, fragile beauty, unusual appearance, and a very serious (but so classy) facial impression. Maybe that's the reason why Alfred Hitchcock nicknamed her 'the snow princess'. Simply, she was just created to live at the royal court.

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In 1955, she met Prince of Monaco Rainier III during her delegation, as the only one actress from the USA, in France, where she took part in the Cannes Film Festival. Grace as Prince Rainier said that it probably was 'love at the first sight'.

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Even after her marriage with the prince, she was just a normal woman, not a princess. Most people who didn't know Grace in person claimed that she was superior or big-headed, but it was just semblance. She had a huge sense of humor, also she enjoyed talking with using irony and sarcasm. Not every woman can do this, so all we can say is, she was a very smart type of person.

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Although her Hollywood career was short (only a few years), she has made a name for herself. For now, she is one of the greatest style icons of the 1950s. The American Film Institute has placed her in the thirteenth place of an actress of all time.

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Grace died in 1982, in a car accident.

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