Hello, everyone! Finally, we have a group on WHI solely for musical lovers, AmantiDellaMusica. Iโ€™m really excited to introduce our talented team!
Anika { Founder }
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Kashish { Co - Founder }
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In this article, weโ€™re going to mention our posting days also. That is, on which days hearters can expect what.
Weโ€™ll be posting articles on :
~ Sunday : Every Sunday weโ€™ll have a โ€˜song meaningโ€™ article. Itโ€™s basically what the name entails. Donโ€™t know the meaning of a song? Dm us on our official account and weโ€™ll write an article explaining the meaning according to our perspectives. So, donโ€™t forget to dm us!
~ Thursday : Thursdays are for our โ€˜weekly playlistโ€™! You guys will get a playlist made by our whole team. New music recommendations every Thursday!
~ Except these days, you all can expect articles from us daily! Yes, everyday new articles by our writers will be posted. Song tags, challenges, different playlists and whatnot!
Other than that, we will also have two monthly recurring articles, a โ€˜Newly Released Music We Loved : {previous month} Editionโ€™ and a โ€˜Upcoming Music Weโ€™re Excited For : {next month} Editionโ€™. In this way, you guys will be able to know all the new music released past month and releasing next month from all your favourite artists!
This is it for today! Hope you guys show some love to our articles.
Lotโ€™s of love