Dearest Dr. Zainab,

Started from nothing and here you are writing Doctor before your name.
It was a long and tiresome journey but finally finally you have achieved what you have worked for, prayed for, cried for, and struggled for. Though it had sucked up almost all of your energy and have changed you in many ways but still it was worthy enough to tolerate all the shits.

I know very well that, almost 80% you have no idea what you have studied :D and you don't understand it all but this is normal. You don't have to be smarter than you already are, stay as ass hole as you're for certain things...(although you are
smarter than me :P)

Seeing you graduating makes me happier than seeing my self doing that. I can bet on this.

Let's anticipate that the after-graduation phase brings peace and contentment to you.
Though it is going to be as easy as it is to drive a car for you.
Neither you know how to drive it nor you want to learn. So that's how it is going to be
you don't know what's waiting next nor you want to go for it but sadly you have to do it:D

There's no need to think of what is coming next. Just know that I am going to be there with you to experience the new phase and all ears to listen to the shit it is going to bring (which I pray it doesn't) and all prepared to deal with your tantrums all over once again.

With undying love,
your Aruj.