28th of july,2020.

─ before i get into this article i just want to thank you for the support and love on my last article. i got many kind messages from y'all and i decided to open more about serious topics.

my last article:


› the reason for my starving is mostly the influence of kpop. so this all went down mostly in 2018 and 2019 but i'm still suffering with it.

› why did i starve myself?
well, i starved myself because i thought it was going to help me lose weight but the only thing that starving did to me was made my health worse.

› how did i feel.
i felt tired,sleepy, i couldn't focus on anything,my mood was off, i felt like i had no energy in my body. my hands would shake. i also kept getting panic attacks cause i thought i would faint but i never did. i craved for so much food through the day.

› how long did i starve.
well i would try to starve the whole day, but i ate minor meals. i'd try to eat the least that i can because i thought i would get fat if i eat a lot.

› the result of it.
the result of starving is bad and nobody should do it. in the end it's not even worth it since it only does bad for you and your health. if you want to lose weight i suggest you to 100% do it in a healthy way and not in a way where it will harm you.

› why not to do it.
you'll health will get worse and you won't see results. since starving will only make you crave more and more food in the end you'll end up eating more than usual.

♡ › please treat yourself, your health and your body well. don't starve yourself, instead just eat healthier and drink enough water. you're health is the most important.


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