I saw this advices on Twitter so I wanted to share it on WHI, as well to keep it saved so I can read it whenever I want to. I hope it could help you~

IMPORTANT: I ​​want to say I'm not promoting any disease, and I don't want to anyone to stop eating, I'm just doing it as a way to keep up with diets, and not have stupid binges of food. Keep eating healthy <3

✰ makeup!
this can take 30m-1hr depending on how good you want the look to be.

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✰cleaning / rearranging your room!
1hr-3hrs depending on how dirty or how much you want to rearrange it!

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you could draw or paint and it would be hella time-consuming!

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put on some music & honestly just vibe, when i play music i end up so much in the moment that time passes by so fast.

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✰studying a new language
30m-1hr per day
i’m currently learning korean & it’s a real distraction!

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✰rearrange your closet
put outfits together, color-coordinate put sweaters with sweaters and shirts with shirts!

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just find all the face scrubs, washes, masks anything in your bathroom and play music and vibe out!

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you’re not supposed to work out on fasts but I do low impact workouts, like ab toning & thigh gap workouts, no cardio tho.

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✰goal journal!
make & create a journal of all the goals you’re working towards and decorate it, you can also make a manifestation journal if you want!

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✰buy a nail kit & do your nails at home!
there are so many nail kits on amazon just look it up!! for sure will keep you busy for a good while!

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whether you’re watching or making videos something about videos on TikTok makes them addictive and I end up being on the app longer than wanted
! also, you find great inspiration on youtube videos.

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put down your phone get off social media & just meditate, have some one on one time with yourself, zone out from everybody and just vibe with yourself.

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✰kpop dances
kpop dances are so fun to learn and time consuming plus you burn a lil calories doing it as well, just look up a tutorial on your fav dance and learn!

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✰new show / movie!
there’s so many unwatched movies/shows out there that are so good! spend some time and watch them.

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✰read a book!
no not a Wattpad book, pick up a actual book with some green tea and read it, my fav books are: the testing, a sweet dead life & the girl with the dragon tattoo! check those out .

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✰walk in the park!
even if you don’t have a park, put some headphones in and walk around your neighborhood, enjoy life at its finest.

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even if you can’t sleep try melatonin or nicotine and boom you’re knocked out!

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