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capricorn & aquarius:
caps and aquas don't like showing their feelings. my undescribed feelings playlist is the right one for you!

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scorpio & aries
Aries and scorpios love deep emotional connections and sexual tension. my ethereal playlist is perfect for you!

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gemini & sagittarius
geminin and sags have mood swings a lot. I am a gemini and I get mood swings all day. my summer'20 playlist is my favorite!

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pisces & libra
pisces and libras want true love. they know what they feel and aren't scared of them. my pristine playlist is great for you!

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taurus & virgo

taurus and virgos have stability with their feelings. they use their mind more than their heart. my intense playlist is the best for you!

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cancer & leo
cancers and leos want affection. they are kinda scared of love because they feel too much and they end up getting hurt. my vivid playlist is the best for you!

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see ya!