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1- Pink:

beauty, girl, and makeup image nike, shoes, and fashion image quotes, pink, and words image red, aesthetic, and art image pink, aesthetic, and gold image Temporarily removed
She is lonely, likes to be with her family and friends but also needs her own space. She seems fragile, but she is very confident and always gives the best advices. She likes to go alone at night and watch the sunset.

2- Green:

accesories, girls, and iphone image nails image girl, girl in water, and green image Image by Fernanda Aguirre 80s, 90s, and building image aesthetic, green, and tennis image
She is very stylish and loves fashion. She plays tennis and loves to swim. She is an environmentalist and hates injustices, and she thinks that all people have something special, and although, sometimes is annoying, she is kind.

3- Orange

aesthetics, birds, and blogging image colagem, Collage, and desenho image wig, hair, and orange hair image Image by 𝐊𝐄𝐍𝐙𝐈𝐄. aesthetic, color, and dolls image quotes, orange, and words image
She has had a very difficult life, but she has managed to overcome it and now she is very sure of herself. She loves to paint, the heat and paint her hair in many colors. She would protect the one she loves with his own life.

4- Blue:

glitter, eyes, and gold image adventures, beach, and feelings image nails, blue, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed blue, leonard cohen, and quote image hair, blue, and aesthetic image
She is romantic and loves to read. She prefers plans at home and hugging. She never gives up and although she is a little shy, she loves meeting new people.

5- Grey

grey hair, hairstyle, and hairstyles image aesthetic, black and white, and gossip girl image nails, grey, and white image girl, tulle, and prom dresses 2020 image changes, grey, and inspiration image dress, fashion, and stars image
She is very smart and beautiful. She loves long dresses and photography and also writes poems. When she has to do something, she prefers to go comfortable.

6- Red:

Image by 🥀🍃 lips, lipstick, and red image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, blue, and summer image quotes, drama, and red image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
She loves strong emotions, and hates unnecessary dramas. She loves to give his opinion and debate, she is away from home almost always, although she does not refuse to see a good movie on the sofa.

7- White:

Image removed 90s, aesthetic, and beauty image nails, black, and marble image amazing, black, and cool image Temporarily removed life, quotes, and random image
She is very calm and likes to meditate while looking at the sky. She needs a lot of company and doesn't like to be alone. She likes to walk, dance and act.

8- Yellow:

cottage, fashion, and green image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed makeup, yellow, and beauty image girl, yellow, and pfp image yellow, quotes, and aesthetic image
She loves to cook, everyone admires her and makes friends very easily. She can't stand people making other people feel bad and she would love to help people at all times.

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