Hi! Here's the third and probably last instalment of this article series so enjoy!

How it works: There will be three different outfits below, you chose whichever outfit you like the best and then you go to the results and find the playlist that matches the vibe/ aesthetic of the outfit.

Outfit 1

fashion, style, and white image shoes, heels, and pastel image accessory, bracelet, and chanel image bag, accessories, and fashion image

Outfit 2

fashion, jeans, and outfit image music and vintage image aesthetic, black, and shoes image denim, sunglasses, and jeans image

Outfit 3

70s, outfit, and vintage image vintage, shoes, and aesthetic image Image by K Y L I E fashion, aesthetic, and earrings image



If you chose Outfit 1:

If you chose Outfit 2:

If you chose Outfit 3:

Hope you enjoyed!

Part 1 & 2: