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These are some places I´ve been to

1. Paris, France

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I was here for a weekend trip with a boy I used to hang with. It was a really nice trip, Paris is such a romantic city. I was able to go to the Eiffel tower, Louvren and Notre dame; before it was destroyed. I really like old buildings they are so magnificent. Since we were just there for a weekend, 2 nights, I didn´t see all of the places I wanted to. But I had a really good time with my friend. Paris isn´t on of my favorite places but I´d like to go there again sometime.

2. London, England

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I LOVE London. It´s such a cozy city even though its´very busy with a lot of people. I really don´t like to take the tube. The air there is so humid. I like to take the dubble decker, you see so much more of the city while travelling by bus. My aunt lives i London so I have the opportunity to go there whenever I want. I miss London so much actually. It´s really on of my fave cities.

3. Lisbon, Portugal

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Here I went on a weekend trip with my ex best friend. We had so much fun. The nightlife in Lisbon is much more exciting then it is in my city (Gothenburg). And I love that it was such nice weather even tough it was autumn. It´s so much warmer there at that time of year than in my home town. I´d really lika to go there again sometime.
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4. The Canary islands I´ve been to sooo many places at The Canary islands. It was my family's´ favorite place to go to when it´s winter in my country. Cause there it´s warm when we have it very cold. But i don´t want to go there again. I´ve seen it all.
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5. Turin, Italy I traveled here to see my Italian friend I met at a language trip in Oxford. I think I was there 2 times. On of the times it was tooooooo hot. Just because Turin is like a pot, it was too hot for me. But I really like Italy. I went shopping and ate good Italian meals and went to the beach. I´m not sure if I want to go there once again. I´d like to go to Rome or Venice instead.

Thank you for reading! I hope you´ll have a great day. And if you don´t, just know that you´ll make it to the next day <3