prolly my longest playlist i've had on here sooo enjoy bitchesss

Girls In The Hood- Megan Thee Stallion

♪Somebody call Rihanna, I'ma buy some drawers with him
He fuckin' with Thee Stallion 'cause he into wild women
Put them legs on his head, now he love tall women♪

Then Leave- Beatking & Queendome Come

♪Get that bread, get that head, then leave, peace out
Aye, Club Godzilla, I ain't trickin', I'm just dickin' bitches down
Head down, pop that, pop that, pop that pussy to the ground♪


♪Honey, come around my way, around my hive
Whenever mama say so, mama say
Here I come on my throne, sittin' high
Follow my parade, oh, my parade♪

Back It Up- Trap Beckham & Flo Milli

♪He love when I back it up
I put on a show, I be actin' up
If he ain't got no bread, I'm packin' up
I need a rich n*gga with a bankroll just so I can add it up♪

I Can Tell- Travis Scott

♪Yeah, I can tell 'bout the night tales
And all the dry wells, and all the long roads
And all my ideas before the cornrows♪

Like That Bitch- Flo Milli

♪Put a brand new Rollie on my wrist
I ain't worried 'bout hoes, I been on my shit
I do what I want, I say what I want
Don't bite my tongue, don't hold my lip♪

Flex- Polo Go & Juice WRLD

♪Lately, I been on the road, show after show
I know I'm makin' all the opps mad back home
Been a while since I had to dial from a trap phone
See you later, alligator, quite a while, crocodile♪

Know My Rights- 6lack & Lil Baby

♪Top ten, if you don't agree, I'm on your ass
R.I.P to 24, now my foot on the gas
This shit was given to me, I ain't choose it
Tried to make life and somehow I made a movie

Tap In- Saweetie

♪Bitch, I'm from the West Coast, they wanna go down South
All these lame ass n*ggas tryna fuck for clout
Hm, I won't let him hit but he can put it in his mouth♪

THE SCOTTS- Travis Scott & Kid Cudi (THE SCOTTS)

♪N*gga, the Porsche outside
Without the top
She want a mimosa-sa
Bring in the shots♪

Permanent- Comethazine

♪Footlong, like where John and Jimmy at
Put the hood on like Trayvon Martin
Phone home, E.T. like martian♪

Jobs- City Girls

♪This pussy talk to him, it make him give it up
It make him back back, then spend racks in that Lamb' truck♪

Can't Feel My Legs- Don Toliver

♪You told all your friends that I'm violent
But you can quit the cap, know you lyin♪

Nightcrawler- Travis Scott, Swae Lee & Chief Keef

♪When the night crawls
All the money, all the hoes and the alcohol
All these hundreds and these thousands, I'ma spend it all
Always when the night calls♪

He Say She Say- Mulatto

♪I love a country ass n*gga with some gold teeth
Fuck all of that talking, just show me
I don't even know nothin' 'bout no basketball
But on the 'Gram flexed up, with the floor seats♪