Hello Lovely Hearters,

I'm back with my weekly article. If you have been loving my articles lately I highly encourage you to follow my articles collection so you are aware of new articles going up. Which my goal is to do one weekly and I have been keeping up consistently if I say so myself.

This weeks article I am writing all about my goals that I want to accomplish and goals that I have already accomplished that I have learned so much from and what they thought me.

I was inspired by this article and I hope you guys go check it out and give her some support. She did a phenomenal job.

Short term goals


piercing, conch, and ear image piercing, earrings, and accessories image
I have been wanting to get my ears pierced for a while and before cover hit I was looking at places to do it, but after everything was closed down. It's definitely something I see myself doing before this year ends.


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This year my goal is to read more books. In the past, I feel out of love of reading because it was mostly textbooks for school, but I'm slowly starting to fall in love back with reading and discovering so many genre of books.


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I haven't really worn much makeup except for a couple of occasions which basically means I've been allowing my skin to breath. I have simplified my skin care routine and hopefully I will have a even complexion.


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This year has been though for everyone and I don't want that to be something that holds me back. Instead, I make sure that I am making time for myself regardless of when or what it is. From going on walks, journaling, taking 5 minutes to just focus on my breath and I want to do more of that and be consistent.


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As you get older it's a lot more difficult to make new friends and maintain the relationship of friends because it's not like in High School when you see them all the time or that you guys have work together etc. Plus, as people grow older their values change and I want to find people who have similar goals and values as mine.


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This was one of my biggest goals for the year but unfortunately with the Pandemic and also with traveling restrictions it's been difficult. I wanted to go on a road trip around cities and small towns in California. It's still a goal I want to accomplish some time soon.


college and study image coffee, fashion, and grey image
Hopefully, this will be my last semester of school before I can take the Real Estate Exam. I'm a bit nervous because the last class that I have to take is Accounting and I struggle with math. So wish me luck.


Image by 𝐑 𝐎 𝐒 𝐄 - 𝐆 𝐀 𝐃 🤎 Temporarily removed
I've been blogging for over 4 years or so and it's definitely a learning experience. I don't have a fancy blog, but I love that I have a little corner of the Internet where I can share my experience with others and weheartit shares a little of that as well. I'm hoping to start bring in a bit of money from my blog and hopefully one day it can be my full-time job.

So, if you want to go and support me, which I would greatly appreciate. You can check it out here:


long term goals


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I have had roommates since I started college and I have never lived on my own and I always wonder what that would be like because it's probably very different from living with 3-4 roommates which I have done in the past.


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I would love to purchase investment properties in my home town and I also would love to one day within the next 3-4 years buy my dream home. I don't really care for big mansions but I would love a place that has that homy feeling. I personally love older homes that have been renovated but still have the old school charm and characteristics.


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As I'm getting older I find that I slowly working my way out of fast fashion. I still enjoy graphic t-shirts and classic jeans and sneakers but I am also want to focus on timeless items that will be an investment. Of course, buying high designers like Gucci or Chanel is not within my budget at the moment. It's also about doing my research on the items and making sure that they are well made before purchasing them.


Image removed city, new york, and travel image
This year I was finally able to get my passport and I wanted to travel to Mexico to it's beautiful and serene beaches and laid back life style mainly for the summer but it has always been my goal to travel and see the world from France, Italy, England, Argentina, Mexico, Canada the list goes on...


Angeles, hollywood, and la image house, neighborhood, and places image
For a while, I have felt like I want to set roots somewhere else. I don't know specifically where that place is but I want to move there. I would probably try living in different cities before I choose a place to settle roots down. I love having access to a big city but I also love the peace and quite so probably the suburbs near a big city.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It study, iphone, and school image
I would love to help people find their home and then transform it into something magical by either renovation or Interior Design. I would love to work with a group of motivated individuals and a creative space.


Image removed costura, fashion, and dibujo image
Since the pandemic I have been feeling more and more optimistic about taping into creative skills. I also got a membership to Skillshare and they are great because they have so many classes to choose from. I have been writing on Wattpad a story called Ethereal about a freshman girl discovering her world, going through heart breaks, learning to love again, learning to trust others and striving difficult things like family drama and navigating high school. I also want to learn how to play the guitar and the piano. I have also tried my hand at painting and although I'm not the best of it, it's so therapeutic and you can improve on something if you don't start. With photography I want to learn how to edit in photoshop. Of course we all can't be Peter Mckinnon's but we could try.


motivation and studyspiration image Image by Gü Žel
I did try to learn Bulgarian before and I met some nice people from my penpal and I also was able to speak to native Bulgarian speakers. Although I learned a lot of things like the alphabet and the numbers I never learned how to have a conversation with a person. I'm interested in learning French and hopefully I can learn it in a way where I can speak to people and really learn the language.


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It's very difficult to save money or to travel or do things that you wish you could when you are in debt. These past few years I have been diligent about paying off my debt so that I am able to use my money to achieve my other goals.


пара, счастье, and любовь. image couple, love, and boy image
It's defiantly something that I can't control but I believe that it's better to be single than to be with someone just to be in a relationship that is why I place such big emphasize in waiting for the right person for you and hopefully through following the things that I am passionate about and while doing that fall in love with someone who loves me too and has similar goals to mine.

My Achievement already accomplished


graduation, graduating, and insta model image love, couple, and goals image
I graduated in 2017 with my B.A. in History and even though I choose not take the road of teaching in a high school level. I am a history buff and regret nothing. I was the first in my family to attend a 4 year university and graduate.


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I got my drivers license later on than most people. In the United States most people get their license at 16 or so depending on where they live but I got mine when I was 21 and it was mainly because we had a big truck where I had to learn to drive and I didn't feel comfortable and until we both my small car that is when I learned how to drive. It was a big accomplishment because I was able to drive to and from places without any issues.


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I was the first to move out of my home town from a small town where most people know everyone and it has maybe 2-3 grocery stores max to a bigger city where it has it's own freeways and big department stores and shopping malls and trails to walk and dog parks. So it was a bit intimidating but one of the best decisions of my life.

There are so many things that I still want to accomplish and so many goals and dreams that I have accomplished and I'm just excited for what the future holds, I hope good things.

I hope you are inspired by this article and write your own response to what your long term and short term goals are and I hope that writing out and sending out to the universe will attract them to your life.