I've been a huge fan of Taylor Swift since about 2006. I'm absolutely in love with her music and yes, I do acknowledge when she's wrong. Here's my tag!

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first song you heard

break up, Lyrics, and over image Taylor Swift and picture to burn image
picture to burn

favorite album

1989, albums, and clouds image Taylor Swift and wallpaper image

holy trinity of albums

Image removed Image by โœจAngeliki ~ The MoonlightBaeโœจ 13, red era, and red image black, drawling, and outline image
1989, lover, and red- i love all her albums but these three are so special to me. especially 1989 as it was released during the hardest time of my life.

fav song from taylor swift (debut)

Lyrics, Taylor Swift, and our song image Taylor Swift image
our song

fav song from fearless

fearless, love story, and quotes image Image by abby
love story

fav song from speak now

handwriting, handwritten, and Lyrics image Taylor Swift and speak now image
never grow up

fav song from red

Lyrics, quote, and red image girl, red, and taylor image
i almost do

fav song from 1989

1989, Taylor Swift, and new romantics image taylor, ๐Ÿ‘, and new romantics image
new romantics

fav song from reputation

dancing, fears, and hands image 1989, concert, and lover image
dancing with our hands tied

fav song from lover

cruel summer, feelings, and heartbreak image celebrity and Taylor Swift image
cruel summer

fav song from folklore

folklore, mirrorball, and taylor image Taylor Swift and folklore image

favorite non-album single song

Lyrics, safe and sound, and music image Taylor Swift, safe and sound, and Swift image
safe & sound...almost went with beautiful ghosts

favorite album cover

cover, album, and black and white image Image removed
the simplicity of the album covers...i truly love both of these covers

favorite era

1989, aesthetic, and celebrities image 1989, photo, and photograph image
1989. she looked so happy and proud of her achievements

favorite tour

Taylor Swift, 1989, and 1989 tour image Taylor Swift, 1989, and red image

favorite concert look

famous, pink, and skirt image Taylor Swift, 1989, and Swift image
the 'how you get the girl' tour dress; it was so adorable

favorite music video

Taylor Swift, Reputation, and look what you made me do image Taylor Swift, bad blood, and dark image
look what you made me do and bad blood

favorite candid look

candid, fashion, and street style image candid, la, and red lipstick image
white dress and cardigan

fav magazine shoot

Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift image
GQ, i was shocked and i loved it

fav red carpet look

Taylor Swift and met gala image beautiful, 2014, and fashion image
met gala 2014

hope you enjoyed it!! i just had to add folklore to the list, give it a listen if you haven't already!!

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