(Interior Monologue)-

I glanced over at him and saw him for the first time that day
He was nothing special at first
He never looked back at me until that trip
“Is she sleeping?”
I heard him say

He looked as if he was lost in his train of thoughts
I never knew why I was always drawn to him
One day he was there, one day he was not
That summer night was filled by his presence

Sharing moments under the stars
I ended up walking around, feeling the gentle breeze on my face
He looked around taking a step closer
Shivering as the night went on he covered me with a soft blanket

Feeling shy I couldn’t utter a single word and remained silent
He gave me a look filled with love and happiness
I did the same and leaned on his shoulder
Realizing how late it had been, we went back inside the cabin
I released the grip from his hands and went up the wooden stairs

Other times I never was a part of his life
As the days went by the more my feelings grew
He never took the time as I was left alone
He lifted up his chin walking past me
And he only knew himself

I wanted to know for several years now
The answers I deserved
Was I never important?
Or was this all we ever were?
The truth is yet to be found out