so this article is not like my other articles, but i really wanted to share this moment with you guys

today, i got to pick my specialty for my final year of nursing, this is the biggest decision during my nursing course and i am so beyond happy to see the specialty in my online study planner for next year!!

ever since i was little, i had wanted to work in a fast-paced medical environment, but more importantly, to make a difference

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who knew that one day i'd be playing the operation game where i'd put little bones and organs into the body before the buzzer went off

and the next i'd be signing up for my dream specialty: perioperative nursing

perioperative nursing (n): is a type of nursing that deals with patients when they are having operative or other invasive procedures

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they are also known as:

- scrub nurses
- theatre nurses and
- OR (operating room) nurses

the best part is, my best friend is doing the subject with me too!!

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to be honest, nursing has been the best decision of my life so far and i can't wait to wear my scrubs for the first time in an operating theatre :)