Hey, lovelies! I will be doing a Tv show tag today, but it will be different than some of the other ones here on WHI. Instead of combining all of the shows I like in one article, each show I like will get their own article. Ok, let's get to it!

Show: Stranger Things

stranger things image

Favorite Male Character

duo, iconic, and steve harrington image icon, stranger things, and noah schnapp image
Dustin, Steve, and Will

Favorite Female Character

eleven, stranger things, and sadie sink image
Max and Eleven

How did you find out about the show?

Well, when it came out it was really popular ( it still is), but I'm not really a person to go straight for whats popular. Me and grandma watch A LOT of Netflix together, so she asked if I wanted to watch this with her.


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Technically not a crush, but I guess Will is kind of cute

Favorite Scene

stranger things, eleven, and max image
I love the scene after Eleven dumped Mike, and Max took her on a fun mall day

Iconic Scene

stranger things, eleven, and netflix image
When El has her cute outfit on and is ready to kick some shadow monster butt!

Best Style

stranger things, eleven, and max image stranger things and nancy wheeler image
El and Max, and Nancy in the third season

An Underrated Character

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KALI!!!!! Like seriously, what happened to her? I demand a return!

An Overrated Character

it, a coisa, and mike wheeler image
Mike. I really don't get the hype about him. He was a real douche to El and isn't even that good looking.


gif, season 3, and steve harrington image

"Ahoy Ladies" - Steve

Thanks for reading! Bye for now!