I want this to be a safe place. A place where I can share my own flaws, failures, thoughts and experiences to help anyone who happens to come across my page and can relate.

We can start here. The time I failed out of nursing school.

After I graduated high school, I applied to a two year college for an associates and to begin my prereqs for their nursing program. It was exhausting. Although, I had an amazing GPA and made their deans list and presidents list. After the two years, I did not get my associates. Apparently I didn't take enough credits per semester so I would have had to take classes over summer. This school was so shady but thats for another article. Anyway, my family pressured me to go to another school where some of our family members went. I didn't feel ready but at that time, I felt like I needed others to direct my life and please, do not EVER listen to others if you truly feel something isn't right.

Well, I ended up getting into this school and I completed one out of two years. My second semester, I failed out. Only because I gave up. I was exhausted. If any of you have been in or going to nursing school, I'm sure you understand. Balancing studying, clinical, care plans, eating healthy, getting exercise, family, a social life.. I can continue. I feel like this can apply to any choice of major though. But this was my rock bottom. I felt like I had no control over my life anymore and everything felt so negative.

School can be exhausting but please, always remember to rest. Do not quit. You are where you are for a reason and always remind yourself your reason why. But, if you are like me and you gave up for whatever reason you did, it is okay to fail. We are human beings. It's bound to happen in life but what matters is how you deal with it. Keep moving because the more time you spend dwelling over the situation, the less time you spend moving forward. After I failed, I decided to finish my associates and now I'm looking for a job in the medical field to help me gain the knowledge to help me for when I go back to nursing school.