I know you feel alone. Unseen. Forgotten. Unworthy of love. You feel invisible and worthless. I know what its like. I know you believe everyone has abandoned you, but I haven't. Even if every other person on this earth doesn't care, I do. I see you. I hear you. I understand. I care. I am here. I won't let you feel alone. Because you aren't
Look up at the sky. I'm under that same sky, the person who cares. Other people who understand this pain and who stand with you are also under that sky. I care about you. So do they. We all care about each other.
Believe. Have faith when I say I am with you. I am. I haven't met you, I don't know what you look like but I am with you.
I know the anger and resentment. I know the sobbing at night and empty days. Refusing to believe there is love for you. The helpless rage while you watch your friends live their life, seeming so happy. So many people feel this way. You are not forgotten. I will not forget or abandon you. I am with you.
You may feel there is no love in this world for you, no friends who care or family who loves you. Even if you believe that and can't see past it you must believe I understand. I have been there. So alone. I see you. You are loved by me and you are valid. You are a person deserving of a full life.
You are not some side character in someone else's movie. You are the star of your story. You are worthy of being the main character. Your life has meaning even if you feel like its worthless.
I know you feel alone. But its not true. I am here. A person who understands. I won't ever let you be alone <3
My Instagram is @healing_and_love if you want to come hang out and make a friend. Stay strong and never give up on yourself.