Standing in front of the mirror is the worst part, I do it in the morning when I get up to try to start the day in a positive way, I pick up my hair, clean my face and smile, I try to see my virtues, that if I have a beautiful smile, if my eyes are hazel, and even if my tousled hair is funny.

I try to dance to remove my nervousness, tell myself a joke, and sometimes when I let myself go I start to put on makeup, anything that makes me feel better and more comfortable with myself.

But the mirror is not my best friend, before I get to face him I start to sweat, my stomach turns, my legs tremble, and I want to vomit, the mirror is my worst judge because it is my reality and it will always be.

Why is it so hard for me to find courage in myself? Is it that perhaps there is not, YES it is there, but it is hard for me to see it, because my brain has heard for so long that lie that we all sometimes tell ourselves, the one that goes like this: "I am worth nothing", that by simply reconsidering there is value in me, it makes it collide between thoughts that say yes and others that say no.

I have stood in front of the mirror for three weeks in a row, and I still have not lost my fear, it still costs me as much or even more than the first day, but I have not given up, because fear must be faced, the slight gap between courage and cowardice is not in losing your fears, denying them or not having them, but in facing them, when you face them and tell them, this is me, whether you like it or not, it is my skin, it is my life, and I will not let you darken it anymore.

Why is it so easy for us to be kind to others but to ourselves, with whom we most deserve to be kind, we simply aren't?

We are not perfect, but I tell you a secret, nobody is, we are all full of scars, marks, internal battles, and what the world sees is a thousandth of a thousandth of what we are, a feigned smile so we don't show that we have weaknesses, because this cold and perverse world has brought us up to be so cold that no one thinks that at night we can cry.

But we must stand in front of the mirror, we must see ourselves for what we really are, PEOPLE, people with defects, weaknesses, virtues, and strengths, people full of details as complex as the galaxy itself, because we are, we do not look alike, there are similarities but we are made up of memories, different memories, people who made us as we are today, and there is a lot of beauty in that.

Let's face the mirror, since it is not the owner of our happiness, and should never be, let's value what we are, and be good to who deserves it the most, OURSELVES.

My fight may not be over yet, but I will keep fighting until one day I can stand in front of the mirror without fear, smiling and brave, loving who I am.

It may not be a short fight, not even an easy one, but it is one I am willing to fight to win.