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1. What was the first fandom you ever were a part of?

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The walking dead

2. Who was your first ever fictional crush?

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Stephen Salvatore


3. Your all time favourite book series?

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I'm not really into book series, the only one I've read is "The hunger games", but I can't say I liked it that much.

4. Your favourite Bestseller?

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"IT" by Stephen King

5. Your favourite more unknown book?

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"White Crow" by Marcus Sedgwick

6. Your favourite character(s)?

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Richie Tozier

7. Your least favourite character(s)?

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Peeta Mellark

TV series

8. What was the first TV-Series you obsessed over?

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Courage the cowardly dog

9. What was the first "grown up" TV-Series you ever obsessed over?

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Ghost Whisperer

10. Your favourite series right now?

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11. And one you could watch over and over?

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The walking dead (and Supernatural, obviously)

12. And one not many people know and you would recommend?

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"The exorcist" is super underrated and I'm pissed

13. Fave Disney Channel Show?

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The wizards of Waverly Place

14. Fave throwback show?

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Dark angel

15. Favourite character(s)?

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Dean Winchester, always and forever
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Spencer Reid
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David Rossi

16. Least favourite character(s)?

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Alex Blake, I just can't stand her

17. Biggest Series crush?

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Daryl Dixon

18. Any other TV-Series you love and haven't mentioned yet?

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The Originals, Grey's Anatomy, Hannibal


19. Favourite cartoon?

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Samurai Jack

20. Favourite anime?

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21. Which cartoon/anime character did/do you have a crush on?

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I've never thought about it, I'm not sure I've had a crush, but let's say Prince Erik.


22. Fave book to movie adaption?

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23. Least favourite book to movie adaption?

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"Doctor Sleep". I love the book so much, but the movie was a disappointment.

24. Film you liked although you never read the books?

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Fight club

25. Favourite Disney film?

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Lion king

26. Here it goes everyone: favourite Barbie movie?

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I was never a kid with big love for Barbie or girly stuff, I've only watched "Barbie in the Nutcracker" and I didn't even know there are so many other movies.

27. Favourite guilty pleasure film?

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The perks of being a wallflower

28. Your all time favourite film you need to recommend to anyone reading this article right now?

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Good Will Hunting