🍃; Brush teeth at least 2 times a day. — It is important to take care of our teeth.
🍃; Deodorant every day. — You don’t wanna smell nasty during the day.
🍃; Get a shower. — You can shower every day or every other day but for me showering is enter a state of peace and relaxation.
🍃; Sundays are self care days. — Face masks, face creams, nail care, hydration, chill music, watching movies and stuff to relax before the new week comes.
🍃; Shave every other week. — Especially when it is summer.

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🌷; Monday. — Leg day.
🌷; Wednesday. — Bach, stomach and chest day.
🌷; Friday. — Biceps and triceps.
🌷; Cardio. — 20-30 min x3 a week.
🌷; Small 15 min weekend workout.
🌷; You can search youtube routines of zumba, body combat, yoga, pilates, etc.

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🌿; Morning skincare. — Micellar water, soft soap and day cream.
🌿; Evening skincare. — Cleanser, micellar water and night cream.
🌿; Eyebrow tweeze every other week.
🌿; Exfoliate once a week. — During sunday pamper.
🌿; Face mask once a week. — During sunday pamper.
🌿; Lipbalm. — Every day as much as needed.

🌹; Homework. — Do it as soon as you get home so you free up your evening.
🌹; Start assignments early. — You may lack time if you do it for the last moment.
🌹; Participate in class. — The teacher won’t know how smart you are unless you say something.
🌹; Take notes. — You ain’t gonna remember nothing, girl, just take the notes.
🌹; Keep up with your languages. — If you have learnt/are learning another language(s) please review them or you’re gonna forget (in my case, I'm learning english and latin).

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Inner beauty
🌱; Be kind. — I’m not saying change your whole demeanour to become the kindest person ever, but be kind where you can, life is tough for all of us.
🌱; Help. — If you can, then help. If not, refer to someone who can.
🌱; Walk with your head high. — This is gonna boost your confidence.
🌱; Eye contact. — It makes you look more sincere and into the conversation.
🌱; Smile — To strangers, to friends, to your family, to the cashier, to the dog, just smile.
🌱; Be true to yourself. — Speak your honest opinions, don’t be fake and don’t lie, just be you.
🌱; Love yourself. — This will be hard, but when you love yourself, life will automatically become sooooo much better.
🌱; Trust in your friends, your family and yourself.
🌱; Be humble. — But still rejoice in your victories.
🌱; Don’t care about other people. — Don’t let them stop you from doing things you want to do, it’s your life, not theirs.
🌱; Face your problems. — Have courage, ignoring it till it goes away does not always work.
🌱; Redefine success. — Success doesn’t have to be “got all A’s on my exam”, it can also be things like “got outside today”, “didn’t skip school even though my anxiety wanted me to” or something else.
🌱; Don’t apologize too much. — It’s a nasty habit to say sorry for everything, things that aren’t even your fault. Also, don’t apologize for saying 'no', your priorities, loving someone and telling the truth.

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Sleeping pattern
🌼; Sleep at same time every night. — For me this is 21.30, this is the time I need to fall asleep so i’ll actually be in bed by 21.00.
🌼; Wake at the same time every morning. — 9.00 for me.
🌼; No electronics 30 min before bed. — Use this time for skin care and getting things ready for the next day. Also, to read some books.
🌼; Change your alarm tones once a month. — It’s so easy to sleep through them when you get used to their sound.
🌼; Don’t snooze! — If this is a real struggle for you, like it is for me, try an app where there is no snooze function.
🌼; Listen to sounds of nature; rain, ocean, whales, wind, etc. — I always put them on youtube, they make me enter into peace.
🌼; Make your bed.

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🌺; Take care of how you dress. — A comfortable outfit that you love can make or break your day.
🌺; Clean your room. — It’ll make the rest of your day much better, trust me.
🌺; Change your bedsheets regularly. — Even if you can only muster up the energy to do it once every three months.
🌺; Work towards your goals. — Whether it be getting A on that exam, or getting that dream job. Break it down into smaller parts and work towards it.
🌺; It’s okay to fall apart sometimes. — Life is very hard, and sometimes it overwhelms us so much we want to fall apart. That’s okay. Take a small break from life, breathe and then reboot. You can do this.
🌺; Mental illness is terrible. — And recovery and getting help is scary. But, even if you don’t get professional help, because not everyone is ready for that, at least have someone you can talk to when things gets so rough. Please.
🌺; That special occasion is now - don’t save things for special occasions, because a special thing can make any occasion special (quote tumblr)
🌺; Not everything needs an explanation. — You want that tattoo? Get it, it doesn’t need a significant meaning. You want to shave your head? Do it, who cares if there’s a why.
🌺; Spontaneity is great! — Do things just because you can.
🌺; Don’t wait for summer to have that great life. — Summer is great, and many times we glamorize it “summer is going to be the best this year, I can’t wait”. Make your daily life the best, and every week will feel like summer.
🌺; Winter is a bummer. — Seasonal affective disorder is a legit thing. Winter can be so depressing in the dark and the cold. Try to find the beauty in it anyways (I always read a lot at this time).
🌺; Don’t judge someone because they sin differently than you.
🌺; Be happy and enjoy every moment of your life.

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