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As many of you will know Taylor Swifts 8th studio album came last week entitled 'folklore' and I am already obsessed! The storytelling and imagery that the album portrays is something I wanted to covey into aesthetics here to try and bring the songs to life even more! I hope you enjoy X

1) the 1

pink, lipstick, and aesthetic image the great gatsby, leonardo dicaprio, and movie image aesthetic, grunge, and rachel mcadams image water, aesthetic, and blue image
'If one thing had been different Would everything be different today?'

2) Cardigan

adventure, earth, and europe image fashion, style, and white image blue, cool, and music image love, couple, and nature image
'And when I felt like I was an old cardigan under someone's bed. You put me on and said I was your favourite'

3) The Last Great American Dynasty

badass, beautiful, and pretty image Image removed money, transfer, and money flip image champagne, party, and drink image
' There goes the maddest woman this town has ever seen. She had a marvelous time ruining everything'

4) Exile

flowers, nature, and dandelion image adventures, horse, and landscape image vintage, photography, and film image fire, burn, and vintage image
'You were my town, now I'm in exile, seein' you out I think I've seen this film before'

5) my tears ricochet

clear water, hands, and calm image Image by arzu house, b&w, and black and white image aesthetic, alternative, and drops image
'Even on my worst day, did I deserve, babe All the hell you gave me?'

6) mirrorball

beautiful, evening, and lights image Temporarily removed couple, love, and dance image fun, purple, and sunset image
' You'll find me on my tallest tiptoe, Spinning in my highest heels, love'

7) seven

flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image awesome, rope, and sun image bike, friends, and summer image Image by mustafafadhil
'Love you to the Moon and to Saturn. Passed down like folk songs, The love lasts so long'

8) august

Image removed aesthetic, blue, and grunge image Temporarily removed beach, sea, and aesthetic image
'August slipped away into a moment in time, 'Cause it was never mine'

9) this is me trying

book, reading, and rose image aesthetic, theme, and summer image green, aesthetic, and car image beautiful, bouquet, and lifestyle image
'And it's hard to be at a party when I feel like an open wound It's hard to be anywhere these days when all I want is you'

10) illicit affairs

film, first love, and jack image clouds, grunge, and parking lot image love, hands, and couple image travel image
'What started in beautiful rooms, Ends with meetings in parking lots '

11) invisible string

cowboy boots and girl image light, aesthetic, and autumn image landscape, nature, and natureza image flowers, guitar, and music image
'And isn't it just so pretty to think, All along there was some, Invisible string'

12) mad woman

Temporarily removed quotes, mirror, and aesthetic image 90s, juicy, and lips image red, car, and vintage image
'Does she smile? Or does she mouth, "Fuck you forever"?'

13) epiphany

Image by .`⌁🎲❝𝗗𝓐𝗭#𝗜’𝗦 𝗪!𝗙3 ˊˎ Image by 𝚜𝚞𝚐𝚘𝚒 🍓 black and white, soldiers, and vintage image letters, vintage, and Letter image
'With you I serve, with you I fall down, down, Watch you breathe in, watch you breathing out'

14) betty

aesthetic, alternative, and quotes image Image removed nike, vintage, and retro image sky, profile pic, and aesthetic image
'Standing in your cardigan, Kissing in my car again'

15) peace

красиво, солнце, and трава image best friends, rain, and running image Image removed beach, clouds, and ocean image
'And you know that I'd, Swing with you for the fences, Sit with you in the trenches'

16) hoax

aesthetic, eclipse, and moon image beach, nature, and sunset image architecture, building, and city image aesthetic, plants, and home image
'My only one, My smoking gun, My eclipsed sun'

P.S in case you were wondering my favourites so far are 'The 1', 'Betty', and 'The Last Great American Dynasty' though I am sure these will keep changing depending on my mood and the more I listen to it.

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