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If I were

🏵️ an element: Earth

aesthetic, nature, and theme image Image removed forest, magic, and fairy image Image by Bianca
beautiful, blonde, and cartoon image

🏵️ a colour: Malachite

aesthetic, embroidery, and jewelleries image aesthetic, grunge, and quotation image

🏵️ a season: Autumn

Image removed autumn, fitness, and healthy image autumn, city, and new york image autumn, photography, and sky image autumn, fall, and nature image rain, quotes, and smell image

🏵️ an animal: White tiger

Image by 𝙰 *⊹˚. | 𝚃𝙷𝙴𝙼𝙴𝚂 !
Image by a_plessis

🏵️ a body part: Eyes

eye, eyes, and cry image eyes, aesthetic, and flowers image

🏵️ a fruit: Wild strawberry

berry, sugar, and sweet image nature, strawberry, and sweet image

🏵️ a Disney Princess: Aurora

Image by Private User
disney, princess, and pink image aesthetic, dance, and fairy tale image love, disney, and terrible image aurora, princess, and sleeping beauty image

🏵️ a place: Cosmos

color, space, and storm image cosmos, melancholy, and quote image black and white, painting, and galaxy image galaxy, blue, and space image

🏵️ a flower: Gypsophila

flowers, decor, and plants image arrangement, dreamy, and shade image beauty, bouquet, and flowers image flowers and pink image

🏵️ a song: Pay Attention/In a World of My Own

alice in wonderland, alice, and flowers image
alice in wonderland, animated, and me image
alice, alice in wonderland, and daisies image

🏵️ a drink : Hot chocolate with cinnamon and chili

chocolate, drink, and food image
chilli, coffee, and winter image

🏵️ an album: Perception

lie, music, and nf image Lyrics, music, and quotes image quotes, nf, and realmusic image hands, perception, and quote image
perception, let you down, and nf image

🏵️ a moment in the day : Sunset

sky, moon, and travel image flowers, nature, and sky image
flowers, sunset, and sky image
sky, clouds, and pink image

🏵️ a natural phenomenon: Moonbow

lake, mountains, and nature image beautiful, nature, and pretty image

🏵️ a book: The Becoming of Noah Shaw

aesthetic, book, and mara dyer image quotes, grunge, and cigarette image
the becoming of noah shaw image
cigarette, grunge, and kill image boy, quotes, and pretty image

🏵️ a painting: This one

art, cigarette, and smoke image

🏵️ a sport: Archery

Image by t Image removed artemis, goddess, and diana image Action, aesthetic, and fantasy image

🏵️ a jewelry: Earring

fashion, gold, and earrings image fashion and jewelery image tragus, ears, and jewellery image accessories, aesthetic, and earring image

I hope you enjoyed this article and got inspired x