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If I were

🏵️ an element: Earth

aesthetic, background, and dark image Image removed forest, magic, and fairy image Image by Bianca
Temporarily removed

🏵️ a colour: Malachite

embroidery, heavy, and photography image feeling, grunge, and quotation image

🏵️ a season: Autumn

Image removed Temporarily removed autumn, city, and new york image autumn, beautiful, and light image autumn, fall, and nature image rain, quotes, and smell image

🏵️ an animal: White tiger

Image by 𝙽 *⊹˚. | 𝚃𝙷𝙴𝙼𝙴𝚂 !
Image by a_plessis

🏵️ a body part: Eyes

eye, eyes, and cry image eyes, aesthetic, and flowers image

🏵️ a fruit: Wild strawberry

fitness, food, and red image nature, sweet, and strawberry image

🏵️ a Disney Princess: Aurora

Temporarily removed
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

🏵️ a place: Cosmos

storm, color, and cosmos image cosmos, melancholy, and quote image galaxy, black and white, and girl power image galaxy, blue, and space image

🏵️ a flower: Gypsophila

flowers, decor, and plants image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed flowers and pink image

🏵️ a song: Pay Attention/In a World of My Own

alice, alice in wonderland, and flowers image
Temporarily removed
butterfly, gif, and dinah image

🏵️ a drink : Hot chocolate with cinnamon and chili

chocolate, drink, and food image
chilli, coffee, and winter image

🏵️ an album: Perception

lie, music, and nf image Lyrics, music, and perception image quotes, nf, and realmusic image hands, let you down, and love image
perception, nf, and let you down image

🏵️ a moment in the day : Sunset

sky, moon, and travel image flowers, nature, and sky image
flowers, sunset, and sky image
sky, clouds, and pink image

🏵️ a natural phenomenon: Moonbow

lake, mountains, and nature image lunar, nature, and photography image

🏵️ a book: The Becoming of Noah Shaw

Temporarily removed quotes, grunge, and cigarette image
the becoming of noah shaw image
cigarette, grunge, and kill image boy, quotes, and aesthetic image

🏵️ a painting: This one

art, cigarette, and smoke image

🏵️ a sport: Archery

arrow and archery image Image removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, fantasy, and forest image

🏵️ a jewelry: Earring

fashion, gold, and earrings image fashion and jewelery image jewellery, Piercings, and tragus image accessories, jewelry, and aesthetic image

I hope you enjoyed this article and got inspired x