Inspired by folklore - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, folklore, and black and white image

Trapped in time, burning the memories I don't need to remember
The room feels empty, I look out the window and it's sad like the weather
I wish I had never met you

We were like bottles of wine, but you served someone else
I want to go back to the beach, feel the sand under my feet
But I'm here, praying this won't kill me
Erase me Lord, I beg you on my knees

I needed to read the signs, but didn't know they were there
I didn't see the signs, now I'm begging to change the lights
I hate the red you give me, the green lights, I need them, I want them
So many signs...

You're calling you know i won't answer
I get out of bed and now I'm on the train
Mama is worried about me
"I'm sorry, I'm coming home"

I was sincere and I trusted you, but you wanted someone else
I'm in Malibu, I feel the sand under my feet
I'll stay here, praying that this won't kill me
Erase me Lord, I beg you on my knees

You beg for forgiveness, but it will never happen
She doesn't want you either, she didn't know anything
It's not your fault, it's not my fault
I hope the pain burns your heart of stone

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