Hi everyone ! I come back with this little funny challenge.
All of the series I put in this article are in my recommendation list to see. I would add in each description why I recommend them.
No spoiler I promise. :)

PS: If you have an impression of already seeing it is normal I posted this article 2 days ago but I republished it in a less messy form, the image was blurry, the text had errors, it does not I didn't like it.

Hope you like it and inspire you!

Favorite TV Show

prison break and series image ?, happieness, and origami image smile, brothers, and prison break image prison break, wentworth miller, and michael scofield image
Prison Break ; It's by far my favorite series, the story is so gripping, you are always surprised and the actors are also very endearing, just the right amount of action, suspense and feeling.
advocate pm modi and nclt lawyer in ahmedabad image blood, aesthetic, and knife image quotes and lawyer image tv show, michaela pratt, and laurel castillo image
How to get away with murder ; I really liked this series first of all thanks to the surprising plot from start to finish, but also thanks to what the show claims, everyone feels represented from the LGBT movement, BLM to body positive

TV show you thought you wouldn't like, but ended liking :

aesthetic and hat image peaky blinders, series, and thomas shelby image dirty, man, and suit image gun image
Peaky Blinders ; Reading some reviews and watching the first episode I thought this series would be boring but not at all. It's a great mix of action, romance, suspense, power and history.

TV show you would live in :

chanel, dior, and shopping image Inspiring Image on We Heart It blair and serena and gossip girl image city, travel, and wanderlust image
Gossip Girl ; I think Gossip Girl is absolutely made for me: luxury, designers, New York, dramas, fashion, private jets and romance, that's all I want.

TV show crush :

car, red, and aesthetic image bae, boys, and show image money, aesthetic, and gun image bangladesh, beach, and beer image
Oscar Diaz from On my block ; I know I'm not the only one Oscar makes her heart beat. So cute and so Spooky at the same time.

Favorite TV show ship

Image by Brianna Inspiring Image on We Heart It oitnb, poussey, and soso image libro, biblioteca, and libri image
Soso and Poussey from Orange is the new black ; At first I hated Soso, but when she got into a relationship with Poussey, who has always been my favorite character, I discovered her in another way, their relationship is magnificent and goes way higher than the walls of the prison.

TV show that remind you of your childhood :

friends, central perk, and coffee image black and white, Courteney Cox, and David Schwimmer image friends, Joey, and rachel image city, new york, and building image
FRIENDS ; My mother was a huge fan of the series, so I watched each episode with her a dozen times when I was little, it's a great memory and thanks to her I became a fan of this series too.

TV show character you would like to play :

vikings, lagertha, and katheryn winnick image vikings, boat, and nordic image sword and fantasy image brave, text, and words image
Lagertha Lothbrock ; I find this woman very impressive, strong, but tender, faithful, mother, courageous, I would like to bring out all that she gives off.

Favorite thriller TV show :

you, guinevere beck, and joe goldberg image Image by Private User books, hogwarts, and hermione image eye, photography, and door image
You ; I don't know if this series is really a thriller, but I felt a lot of tension watching this series, almost fear but after reflection the plot was very addictive.

Favorite comedy TV show :

kiss, lipstick, and lips image cops, crime, and police image Image removed lucifer, smile, and lové image
Lucifer ; It's not just a comedy, it's also very romantic, and it mixes action and a bit of suspense, but I admit I really laughed a lot while watching this series.

Favorite TV show with teenagers :

on my block, sierra capri, and diego tinoco image cesar, gnome, and lol image santos, on my block, and ghetto image burning, fire, and money image
On my block ; It's by far my series of the moment, I like the humor of the characters, the serious side of the gangs, the representation of the Latino community, and of course Spooky.

Latest TV show you watched :

the 100 image Marvel, guardians of the galaxy, and gotg image grunge, light, and pale image the100 image
The 100 ; This show is going at full speed, you never expect what might happen afterwards, i'm not a fan of sci-fi but i really got hooked on this one.

That's already the end of this article! Hope you liked it and this gives you more ideas to write. See you soon my love

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