Damselfly - Loyle Carner

dress image dusk, film, and first love image
"One morning afternoon in that sun dress summer flies by"

Candy - Paolo Nutini

Temporarily removed girl image
"Oh, darling I'll kiss your eyes and lay you down on your rug, just give me some candy after my heart"

Nothing Can Change this Love - Sam Cooke

boyfriend, couple, and daddy image Image by αทαťҽɾɾα☼☽☆゚
"Make me weep and you can make me cry, see me coming baby and you can pass me by"

Carry Me Home - Jorja Smith, Maverick Sabre

brown eyes, eyes, and thick eyebrows image aesthetic, chic, and fashion image
"Carry me home, bear my weight on your shoulders, carry me home and don't let go"

Scarlet - The Rolling Stones

love, couple, and black and white image Image by smithtrina670
"Scarlet, why you tearing my heart all to pieces? It ain't the way it's supposed to be"

Hold Out - Sam Fender

boyfriend, celebration, and couple image Image by STEPHANIE
"The night is so long I know that you hear me honey, I can't hold out"

I Need - Maverick Sabre

blue, summer, and white image wings, feather, and angel image
"I need sunshine, I need angels I need something good, I need blue skies, I need them old times"

Manhattan - Kings of Leon

aesthetic, city, and dark image couple and love image
"We're gonna show this town how to kiss these stars"