Hey guys, how are you?
I wanted to do this article for a while, but I didn't know where to start. I like to be in contact with you, readers, so I am always posting something about myself, whether related to signs, some challenge that talks a little about me, some article about music or something like that. Today I came to talk about some habits that I noticed that I have. Not all are good, others are great and have improved my life.
So let's start.

Biting nails or onychophagy.

I'll start with this habit, which in my view is bad. Biting nails can cause problems for you and your body. Whoever swallows the nail pieces can end up with a stomach problem or even an injury to the stomach / intestine. In addition to the germs, which are in our hands. It also causes wear on the teeth, bruised fingers and several other bad consequences. (I researched everything before writing.)

But then you read this and ask yourself "If it’s that bad, why do you bite?"
Well, there is something I don't know yet.
I've been analyzing the moments that I end up biting my nails or putting my fingers in my mouth. These are usually moments of anxiety, nervousness or stress.
It happens to me even when I'm watching a movie or series and I'm anxious about something. Or when I'm anxious for some reason. Or when I'm concentrated thinking. I always end up putting my finger in my mouth and biting my nail. Sometimes I control myself and I don't bite my nails.
I have used several ways to overcome this habit, but none has worked as well as when I went to school and saw my friends with big nails. One of my friends was biting nails too, and she didn't care. Until one day she stopped and decided to let her nails grow. I tried it with her, but something happened and I couldn't go on. At school mainly, a place that I went through a lot of stress.
But I tried a few times, when I went to do job interviews mainly. I didn't want them to know that I was biting my nail. It was shameful for me.
But today I see that it is not shameful, it is just a habit that I have and that I feel I need to stop. I even put in my habit tracker the days I don't bite my nails. It is a good way to try to control.
No, I don't have big nails right now hahahaha. Actually, I was biting my nails until just a few minutes ago. Writing helps prevent me from putting my hand over my mouth, since my hands are busy writing.
I recommend to you, who bite nails and want to stop, try different ways and not give up. Someday, we'll make it.

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Arrange my shirts in the wardrobe by color.

Yeah, I do that hahaha. It just started with a new form of organization. I didn't think I'd keep it that long. It's been, like, three years since I've had my sweaters like this. It's good, it makes it easier for me to visualize my clothes. But I only do that in the wardrobe. I'm using a technique to fold clothes and have more space with the ones I keep in drawers. It's a great way to have more space and organization.

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Do the dishes.

My grandmother and my great-grandfather had this habit. My grandmother washed the glasses and put them upside down to dry on a dish towel. My great-grandfather used to wash the dishes in stages. I made this habit so that I wouldn't have to wash and dry the dishes too long.
I wash the cups, plates, cutlery, plastic items and pots. In that order.
I put the cups to dry, dry the plates, put the cutlery to dry. And then I just keep and dry the rest of the dishes. Yes, it sounds crazy, but it helps a lot when you don't want to spend hours and hours washing and drying dishes.

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Listen to music almost every hour.

I love listening music. I do almost everything with music. I can only do the dishes if I'm listening music. The same thing when I clean the house or sit in front of the notebook to write. It helps me concentrate. I usually put in kpop songs, since I don't know so much Korean, so it helps me focus faster. Since I understand Portuguese, Spanish, and English, it takes longer to stay focused. Now I understand why I have so many kpop songs on my playlist in the spotify.

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Crack my fingers.

I've had that habit for as long as I can remember. Every time I do something, I crack my fingers and tie my hair. It helps me get ready to do something.
I've researched that it's not a good thing to do, it can cause knuckles problems. But for me it's like biting nails, it's a pretty hard habit to quit.

Image by ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 𝓐𝓭𝓸𝓻𝓪𝓫𝓵𝓮 𝓹𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓮𝓼𝓼*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Image by AlinaSavelieva

Sleeping with my hair tied.

I hate sleeping with my hair untied. Even when I do the flat iron. It pisses me off having hair on my face. So I always tie in a way that doesn't hurt me or my hair. I usually braid my hair. Having curly/wavy hair doesn't help me sleep with untied hair. I wake up like a lion.

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Habit/Mood tracker.

I started with that this year. I bought a beautiful planner last year and decided this year would be different. I drew mood and habit tracker until June, I thought I wouldn't go on with it and didn't make the other months. So I found some really nice ones on the internet and printed them out. I also didn't want to waste time drawing something so elaborate, even though I learned to draw a little bit by doing it.

It's really fun to see everything in color and with the habit tracker organized. I have about 9 emotions in my mood tracker: happy, normal, sad, angry, tired, sick, nervous, grumpy and energetic. Currently, my habit tracker has: no biting nails, read, no spend, netflix and series, wake up early and drink water. I still have some problems to wake up early because of my insomnia, but I'm always trying.

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These are some habits that I remember and that I do constantly. As I said, not everyone is good, but little by little I try to get the bad habits out of my life.
I hope if you're trying too, you succeed. I believe you can do it. If you want to talk about it, my DM is always open to you.

I hope you enjoyed
Stay safe.

XOXO, Amanda.