Inspired by folklore - Taylor Swift

Image by serena

Dancing in the living room, the fire burning
It's hot, we laugh in each other's arms
It's beautiful, you're always on my mind
I could go crazy, and you will be there

Our hands join, our eyes meet
There are no coffins in this invisible string
I'm yours, ¿are you mine?
Baby, kiss me, don't broke the invisible string

I know you, you would never tell me lies
it's funny how dancing we can fly
like Lana says: dancing in pale moonlight
I see you climb, I wish I could stop time
but it's not always what and how you want
We fall, you sleep next to me, stay next to me please

I want to tell you so many things, it's cold in this big city
You are in your hometown, it is a surprise, your mother is happy
The party is loud, the drinks fly and the laughter gets stuck
Your friends smile at me, but their smiles are false

Where are you? I write to you and call you but you don't answer
Your friends run away and I can't breathe
I don't like this, I don't want to distrust
But I don't know where you are and I miss you

I walk to the bathroom where the music couldn't bother
It's funny how we can fall apart so fast
I never told you lies, where did that peace go?
Boys only want love if it's torture, now I know it
I see you and my tears are running through my face
but it's not always what and how you want
I fall, you're not next to me, stay away from me

You were with her in ways you don't need to explain
Nothing lasts forever. I thought you were the one
I cry like a baby, I guess I should have known
We were something beautiful, and you burned it like it was nothing

I have nothing else for you darling
Don't try to explain anything to me, you're crying stopping me, begging for forgiveness
I walk away without knowing what to say. I hope it hurts as much as it hurts me

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