Strange, unknown, scary, and unexpected is this year we're currently living in.
Filled with anxiety and frustrations we tend to be negative.
We complain about wearing masks, as we are used to complain about our backs at work.
We find anything negative to say and give out this pessimistic energy, often unconsciously.

We're mostly unaware of it, not realising how much it affects us.
Instead of shutting up for a bit and letting ourselves be,
maybe even find the simple positive things of our day?

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Singing at work, taking on things that need to be done because no one ever does, even if it is like a mini workout because you have to go to different places, or up and down the stairs, carrying things, moving things, searching things, meeting with people etc... Just do it. At your tempo, concentrate on the little things to achieve. Be proud of how productive you've been at work.

And once at home or on your days off, be off.
Don't complain about work yesterday.
Workout, stretch, eat well, read, relax, laugh, concentrate on something fun, draw, paint, knit, write, watch a fun movie you haven't seen before, talk to friends and family about fun things.

Try to concentrate on the small positive things of everyday life.

And take time off.
Take time off from negative people,
off social media,
off tv,
off news,
off your phone,
off internet
off too many stimuli.

We can't keep exposing ourselves to endless stimuli a day, it makes us overthink everything, it influences us constantly, which makes us doubt everything, indecisive, thereby lazy, unproductive, unhappy.

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It's important to make things clear for ourselves, and try to not overcomplicate everything by constantly taking in too many different things online and from everyone.
We need to keep a strong sight on our long term goals and healthy routines, who we are and such.

It's not healthy to put all of that in constant doubt by too much stimuli. We freak out, lose sight of what matters, compare, have mental breakdowns because our heads never stop.

So stop, for yourself and for your surroundings, stop all the complaining, the negativity.
Stop thinking about other people's opinions, comparing your life to everyone else's, scrolling through endless different ads, video's, pictures.
Just be comfy with yourself, allow yourself to not think at all a little bit everyday. You're allowed to not think sometimes, we're not missing anything online, we're missing our own lives in real life... .

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We are never gonna be able to know everything there is to find online, or anywhere.
We're not machines...
We are allowed to choose select things to acknowledge and learn more about, as we wish.
Today's society is trying so hard to force us into feeling like we have to know everything and have to be "in" with everything and everywhere...
That's never gonna be possible, relax.
Just take in things that you find interesting, one thing at the time.

And don't forget to breath, be present.

Lots of love,

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