As Iโ€™m always daydreaming about how my future would look like, when I saw this idea I immediately wanted to go on and try it. So basically this is how I imagine what my dream apartment would be, letโ€™s go.

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New York, USA.
Style and colors
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Mostly white, simple and fresh.
Living room
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Natural lightning is a must have.
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Would love for it to have large bay windows with great views of the city.
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No need of a walk in closet, I prefer to have my clothes displayed on my room.
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Not necessarily big since Iโ€™m not much of a cooker.
Dining area
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A small table next to a window would be enough.
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Must have a bathtub included.
Work station
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Just a desk next to a window, where I could spend hours reading or working on my computer.
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Not much, just a hall.
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It doesnโ€™t need to be a full on balcony, just a small place where I could get some fresh air.

In general I picture myself living with a cat in a moderate apartment in New York. Iโ€™m still young and have so many years to live so letโ€™s hope in the future Iโ€™ll actually be able to make this a reality. Adios.

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