Inspired by folklore - Taylor Swift

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do you like tattoos? I have a lot of them
do you like honey? I bathe in it every day
do you like music? i am made of it
do you like disappear? I fade almost every day

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Baby, I met you on a Sunday
In the east-side cafe
The cold freezes my fingers
Coffee sails through the air

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My gaze falls on those dimples, flushed cheeks
White teeth full of secrets, dying to know them
Blonde strands, you shed cinnamon, burning my chest
How was supposed I to know? Dying slow...

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Baby, I met you in the movie theater
The sun never goes in that place on the screen
And to think that the stars still shine, holding me tight, beating fast
Blood falls and you just hold me tight
From red to blue it turns, until those lips speak to me, slowly killing me

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Do you like problems? don't let me run away, they chase me
Do you like to be patient? I'm a hurricane, don't lie to me
Do you like screaming? I'll hit the wall and cry against that
Do you like how I dress? tell me the words I want to hear, I won't fight with the mirror.

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Baby, I met you finally in that December party
The sun goes down and the tequila rains on me
Fuck me against the bathroom wall, I know you want to be heard
We feel it coming and we smile sweating
From pink to gray I turn, I like to feel you, but then I know
She knows it, "who is she?" I asked for

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The coffee smells bad, I want to run far away
Smile with those white teeth full of lies
Child's face, devil's soul
I sold my soul to the devil, he wanted me
I thought I was in heaven, but heaven doesn't burn
You were never mine, you're just a liar

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