• 10 IKON
Ikon, kpop, and ikonic image Ikon, kpop, and jinhwan image bobby, Ikon, and jinhwan image junhoe, Ikon, and koo junhoe image
Ikon, it's a group that I listen to a lot, but often the same ones, I had to put it in my top because I really love their music! Even without B.I who left the band last year :/ Favorite song: I'm ok.
  • 9 Red Velvet
Inspiring Image on We Heart It red velvet, joy, and wendy image red velvet, joy, and wendy image red velvet and yeri image
Red Velvet is really a group that I love very much, with an original style and not too kawaii, they sing really well and are super pretty. Favorite song: Bad Boy.
  • 8 Sistar
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Sistar is one of the first groups I listened to, they were separated in 2017 but they had to be in my top. All accomplished artists who have played or are now playing in dramas, Hyolyn, my favorite make solo music and she sings so well! Favorite song: lonely. their last...
  • 7 BigBang
bigbang, daesung, and taeyang image kpop, T.O.P, and top image g-dragon and bigbang image Image by Bondár Ági
I look forward to their come back and their performance at the coachella. It is also one of the first group that I listened to and they are all very good and complement each other perfectly, TOP with this magnificent deep voice, on the contrary GD with this acute voice which he uses for rapping and Taeyang is really a very good singer, when in Dae-sung who in addition to knowing how to sing is the best dancer of the group. Favorite song: If You.
  • 6 BTS
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BTS is the most famous kpop group in the world. They collaborated with Lauv, Halsey, Steve Aoki, Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran, Zara Larson, Charli XCX, The Chainsmokers, Fall out boy, Nicki Minaj, Juice World. You realize? They are truly complete and incredible artists! Some will be outraged that I did not put them higher in the top but personally there are lots of songs that I love about them but unfortunately there are also many that I like much less: / Favorite song: Who , Jungkook, Jimin feat Lauv.
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  • 5 Got7
park jinyoung and got7 image Image by Dante Alighieri Image by my luv kpop, got7, and not by the moon image
got7 is my first crush, Jinyoung is so perfect, singing but he also did dramas, he even played in the first dramas I saw: The legend of the blue sea which is also my favorite ! this is such a complete and happy group, listening to them always makes me happy! Favorite song: Fly.
  • 4 Blackpink
airport, bp, and gg image beautiful, blink, and pretty image rose, jennie, and jisoo image Image by BLACKPINK PICS
With their new album which has just been released, they give me one more reason to put them in my top! How you like that is really cool and Blackpink is a really strong and professional girl group. I have seen several of their live and am always impressed. Well, they focus a lot on dance and show but it's still really cool. Favorite song: Stay.
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  • 3 Twice
twice, idol, and kpop image band, blond, and brown image twice, momo, and mina image twice, nayeon, and kpop image
And we arrive at my top 3 which starts with the most kawaii of groups: Twice, made up of nine girls all beautiful and special. They always manage to bring to their songs a little something that makes them really good. And we are never disappointed by their clip either! Favorite song: What is love?
  • 2 Mamamoo
mamamoo and hwasa image mamamoo image moon byul, hwasa, and solar image solar, mamamoo, and hwasa image
In the end, the last two are on the same footing, but there is a girl group and a boy group. And so my favorite female group is Mamamoo. They are perfect on all points, I love all their music and live they are extraordinary! They are so beautiful, funny and OMG Hwasa and her solos, she is just perfect for me <3 Favorite song: Paint me.
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  • 1) Monsta X
brown, kpop, and shownu image kpop, korean, and men image Image by ? Image by ?
what can i say about Monsta X? you just have to listen to them to understand, even my boyfriend who was not listening to kpop was won over by them! Their music is so danceable, catchy and worked. I just adore them! Favorite song: You can't hold my heart.

It was really hard to put them in a ranking. I like them all very much so it was very tight. This top is absolutely subjective and personal. And it changes all the time for me: D

In any case, I hope you enjoy it! <3

and here is my kpop collection: