Name: Nora Fitzgerald
Age: 23


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Long, light brown hair and ocean blue eyes. She is slender built, probably because she spends entire days painting and reading and not so much time cooking- she is really bad at it. She is medium height, 5"6.


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Personality and things she likes

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Nora can come across as closed up and not very friendly and open at first, but after a while she will care for you with all her heart. She tries to see the good in people, even those who might not deserve it, which often comes back to bite her. Nora hates not being helpful and doesn't like standing aroud waiting, although she doesn't handle stressful situations very well and can easily freak if something goes wrong.
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She is currently in artschool, and plans to open a gallery. Art is just a part of her, just like coffee and books.


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She has a sister, Grace, who's 14 years old. Nora is really protective of her because she had to take care of her ever since their father left when Nora was 17. Their mother, Veronica, works at the hospital and has a very difficult schedule- which means that Grace still spends a lot of time with Nora. Nora and her mother are also really tight, she couldn't imagie a life without her mother there to guide her and help her.