I am currently reading a lot about minimalism and the benefitts of owning less. Since a big chapter of my life just came to an end, I am also trying to declutter, reorganize and DETOX my life. You might find some inspiration for your life in this article!

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Tidy by category, not by location

Instead of just cleaning your closet, your goal should be to clear all of the clothes you own. For my room these categories are:

  • clothes
  • makeup & beauty
  • books
  • papers
  • senimental
  • MISC
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Steps for Decluttering

Step 1: Gather everything in a pile
Step 2: Hold the item in your hand & ask yourself: "Does this spark joy?"
Step 3: Decide whether to keep or discard the item
Step 4: Clean the item
Step 5: Designate a "home" for each item

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Benefitts of Decluttering

  • Letting go of old attachments to the past
  • Apreaciating your current possessions
  • You can earn money off the things you sell
  • Having more space
  • Sticking to "practical" decor
  • It can teach you to be a better buyer in the future
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