1. What where your doing right before this?

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2. What do you find yourself doing a lot these days?

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Took this quarantine time to remodel my house and to dedicate full time to my writing.

3. What is your current obsession?

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Skin care.

4. What are you typically doing on a day off?

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I go out to the beach or to eat with friends.

5. What is your favorite place to visit?

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The beach.

6. What is a hobby you will never give up?

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Hopefully none of what I do now.

7. What is a hobby you plan on picking on?

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I want to do more internal tourism.

8. How would you define yourself in three words?

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clumsy, dreamer, curious.

9. What scares you the most?

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Being forgotten.

10. What makes you feel the angriest?

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A lot: bad communication, ungrateful people, not humble people...

11. Who is the most fashionable person you know?

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I don't know! I know a lot of people that are extremely fashionable with different styles.

12. What is your favorite animal?

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owls and whales

13. What is your favorite thing to eat?

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Food? Lasagna

14. What was your favorite movie as a kid?

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Harry Potter

15. Do you speak any foreign languages?

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Spanish, English, a little of French and a little of Sign Language

16. When do you feel most beautiful?

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After I

17. What's your favorite color?

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18. Who is your boy crush?

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Miguel Herran

19. Heels or flats?

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Flats, but I wish I wear more heels.

20.Window or aisle seats?

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Window seat.

21. Coffee or tea?

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22. If you made a documentary about your life, what would it be called?

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"Facts about a random girl"

23. What was the last country you visited?

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Iowa, USA

24. What was the best gift you have ever received?

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my baby boy Apolo

25. If you could play one instrument which one would it be?

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I actually play the flute!

26. If you had a tattoo what would it be?

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I have not decided yet what I want. Something small, delicate, and original.

27. Winter or Summer?

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28. Sweet or Savory?

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29. Dogs or cats?

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30. What's your favorite flower?

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31. Favorite actress?

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Alba Flores, Zendaya, Joey King, Gal Gadot... can't choose!

32. Favorite actor?

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Adam Sandler, Joaquin Phoenix... also can't choose.

33. Favorite holiday?

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34. Cutest thing in the world?

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Babies, puppies and gentleman.

35. If you could go to any concert which one would it be?

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36. Who makes you laugh the most?

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My brother.

37. Favorite music genre?

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Rock, Pop, Instrumental... I like a lot.

38. Movie that makes you cry every time you watch it?

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"The Boy In The Stripped Pajamas" one of a lot.

39. What tv shows are you currently watching?

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I am looking forward to the second season of Umbrella Academy this July.

40. A book you plan on reading?

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I am reading "The Painter of Souls" by Idelfonso Falcones.

41. Must have beauty product?

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42. Zodiac sign?

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44. Eye color?

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45. Hair color?

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Light brown/blonde

46. Favorite thing to wear?

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Jeans? I am not sure.

47. Dream job?

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Traumatologist and/or Marine Biologist

48 When was the last time you cried?

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49. Favorite sound?

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The waves...

50. Iphone or android?

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I have both! Yes, I have two phones. But my main one is an iphone.

51.What is your current obsession?

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Didn't I respond to this one already? Skin care!

52. Introvert, ambivert or extrovert?

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53. One thing you can't live without?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

54. Favorite band?

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Imagine Dragons

55. What's a curse you use frequently?

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I don't understand the question...

56. Name of your first pet?

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57. If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be?

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Being super fast.

58. Are you happy with your handwriting?

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59. Do you like surprises?

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Only if they're good.

60. Best advice ever given?

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keep your goals, plans and projects in private, until they are done.

61. Favorite female solo artist?

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Halsey, Dua Lipa, Katy Perry

62. What color is your tooth brush?

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63. Are you scared of the dark?

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64. What is the coolest thing in the world?

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65. If you could be successful in one sport, what would it be?

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66. What are you passionate about?

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My dreams.

67. Scary movies or happy ending?

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Happy Endings.

68. What is the cutest thing in the world?

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I already respond this one!

69. Something from your childhood you still have?

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stuffed animals.

70. If you had the chance to change something what would it be?

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Nothing. I believe that everything happens for a reason.

71. A song you are obsessed with right now?

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"Everybody Talks"

72. Go to lipstick color?

Image by Private User

73. How long did it take you to write this article?

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Like two hours.

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