Hey guys i saw this minutes ago and i found it very interesting, so obviously here i am again. I really enjoy things in WHI related to astrology stuff.

This tag basically get your three personalities out so here are the link if you wanna do this with your own signs

1. Sun Sign


Your sun sign is what zodiac sign you read when you look up your horoscope. The sun sign provides insight into who you are at your core, and your natural gifts and abilities.

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1.Do you like things being in your way?
Sometimes in certain things, i'm perfectionist and stubborn but i don't like being busy.

2.Are you loud?
No, i'm a quiet and calm person

3.Do you yell a lot?
No, I actually hate people who yell

4.Do you like bragging about yourself?
Not really

5. Do you change your opinion fast?
Yes, i'm very indecisive

6. Are you honest with others?
In opinions or situations but it's hard to express my feelings

7.Are you afraid of speaking your opinion?
Not with close people but in crowds definitely.

8.Are you emotional?
Too much for my taste actuallly, i'm emotional every fucking day of my llife, i cry about everything.

9.Wich sign do you find falling for the most?
I think Pisces, they're usually have sense of humor and kindness

10. Can you keep secrets?
Yes, totally, i love being a good friend or someone you can trust

Moon Sign


Your moon sign indicates your emotional nature and deepest needs. How you do or don’t express your emotions, as well as how you deal with your emotions.

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1.Do you like spilling tea?
To be honest i do but without judging or critizicing someone

2. Are you funny?
I don't think i am but i do have sense of humor.

3. Do you like gossiping?
I do it all the time with my mom and sister.

4. Do you speak your opinion often?
I'm working on it due to my social anxiety:)

5. Do you like to have the lead word?

6. Are you loyal?

7. What zodiac sign do you dislike?
I don't know, i just don't like disrespectful or rude people

8. Do you like getting attention?
No, it's a nightmare

9. Are you communicative?
Sometimes, with my family or close friends but it's difficult like i said before

10. Are you outgoing?
I'm more of an introvert because it's really difficult for me to socialize but i like doing things like shopping, traveling, dancing, singing, going to concerts and partys.

Rising Sign

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1. Do you like to look at yourself?
No, but i do it all the time despite knowing it's wrong because increases my insecurities.

2. Do you trust people easily?
Not at all, i always end up hurt.

3. Do you like everything to be clean and perfect?
I'm such a messy person but not in everything, so yes, there is some things i really like being perfect and clean.

4. Are you secretive?
No, i can't keep a personal secret, i always end up telling someone else.

5. Do you adapt to new stuff easiily?
No, I don't like changes, it's hard for me to get out of my comfort zone to be honest.

6. Do you get comfortable with new people fast?
No, it takes time for me to be genuinely me with someone around.

7. Are you good with words?
Yes i consider myself good with languages and i love reading

8. Do you laugh easily?
I laugh about any single shit in this world, even when it's not needed

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