I'm back with this series and now I'll talk about geminis, a sign I tend to like most of the time.

โœง element โœง
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Air signs are usually intellectual and expansive. They are really good at human relationships and seek for freedom. It's impossible to lock an air sign.

โœง modality โœง
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Mutable signs are the last ones of each season, symbolizing flexibility. They perfectly know how to behave in each situation and are usually very sympathetic. They're good at solving conflicts and talking to people.

โœง ruling planet โœง
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Mercury is the planet of communication, since it's the closest planet to the sun. Here comes this irresistible desire for geminis to talk all the time. But mercury has an other side too: the intellectual side. Here comes the infinite curiosity and will for knowledge all geminis have.

โœง symbol โœง
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โ™Š๏ธŽ - the twins

The twins represent the bipolarity of geminis; they can change their mood and ideas very quickly.

โœง compatibility โœง
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fire and air signs

Just like any air sign, geminis have a positive polarity, which means they get along well specially with fire (aries, leo and sagittarius) and air (gemini, libra and aquarius) signs.

Their astral paradise is libra, whille their astral hell is taurus. And the complementary sign is sagittarius.

โœง numbers โœง
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The sun is passing through the gemini constellation between may 21st and june 20th.

The gemini constellation is located between 60 and 90 degrees of celestial longitude (60ยฐ โ‰ค ฮป < 90ยฐ).

Gemini is in the 3rd house and its lucky number is 5.

โœง sun in gemini โœง
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Your basic personality is of a typical gemini: spontaneous, communicative, bipolar, outgoing and adaptable. However, this adaptability also has a negative side, since it'll make geminis a bit unreliable. You'll also be influenced a lot by your mercury sign, since it rules gemini.

โœง moon in gemini โœง
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Those whose moon is in gemini have a very strong will for knowledge. They want to know everything they can, and this obsession can get unhealthy. However, when dosed, it can be very beneficial, since geminis need to be always active, physically and mentally. These people usually have a talent with numbers, speeches or with writing.

โœง rising in gemini โœง
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People with rising in gemini often seem very extroverted and talkative. They're not shy at all when meeting new people and usually get along pretty well with everyone.

โœง mercury in gemini โœง
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Mercury is the ruler of gemini, which means that those who have it as their mercury sign also have strong traits of it. This means your communication skills are excellent, and you have a dynamic way to think.

โœง venus in gemini โœง
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They're not exactly the romantic type. Nor the reliable one. They can change their minds about their partners at any moment and they're usually never fully into their relationships. They always have a plan B. They get bored of only one person and highly prefer not to have commitment with many people than establishing one serious relationship with only one. When they try something more serious, they tend to cheat without thinking of the consequences.

โœง mars in gemini โœง
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Mars accentuates the competitive side of gemini. They love to debate ideas in a friendly disagreement (sometimes not that friendly lol), even though it's hard for them to keep their attention for a long time because for them it seems like there are too many things going on fighting over their attention.

โœง jupiter in gemini โœง
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People whose jupiter is in gemini are the luckiest and feel better when using their natural intellectual abilities, in adventures and when they're surrounded by people. They have this constant need of excitement, either intellectual, physical or social.

โœง saturn in gemini โœง
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They're clear thinkers and speakers; they're attracted to abstract ideas rather than useful ones. They work better in groups than alone. Sometimes, they can be afraid to speak up; which sounds contradictory, but it's not, because they're afraid of being wrong, even if they rarely are.

โœง uranus in gemini โœง
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Geminis are open-minded and mutable, the perfect combination for changes to happen. They like to come up with the ideas that can be helpful for it rather than take actions. They feel attracted to the new and unusual and their main role is to communicate the ideas.

โœง neptune in gemini โœง
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Geminis are incredibly mesmerized by complex ideas. They love the paranormal and for them not having answers isn't a bad thing. Unlike others, they don't feel unmotivated when they don't understand a concept. Geminis are often sensitive to the vibrations around us. Also, they're known for inspiring others and for being terrible at concentrating. For them, it feels like there are too many thoughts and ideas in their head for them to focus on only one.

โœง pluto in gemini โœง
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These people are changing and reinventing themselves all the time. They know how to take advantage of the situations and problems to learn and grow. But the most important is that are really tempted to try new things, what helps them a lot on this point.

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