It's okay to be selfish. But be selfish in the right way.
- Take up space and don't belittle yourself for anyone.
- Don't feel bad for cancelling plans.
- Keep yourself busy with YOURSELF. Learn more about your aspirations, strengths, skills and interests. Are you really interested in something for the right reasons? Do you do it for yourself or for others?
- Be protective of yourself. Don't let others let you down and put you in a bad mood, keep your head up and let it slide, with time it will get easier. Remember that feelings cannot shatter your inner peace by themselves, you let them in.
- Put a smile on your face but do it for yourself. Being happy comes first from the inside, work on yourself, be genuine, you don't have to be energetic and positive all the time.
- If you want to stay inside, don't fear missing out on what is happening outdoors. You might think you are missing out but the only thing you could miss out on is that exact moment you started doubting yourself. Enjoy your place right now, enjoy what you have experienced, enjoy being unique, you don't have to have experienced certain events in order to feel fulfilled with life.

In conclusion, work on yourself. Getting to know yourself is the key to tackling your feelings and inner peace easily and with grace. Pick yourself.

I am not using selfish in the bad way. Be genuine, be selfish FOR yourself. When you start being selfish, you have more energy to help others - by deeds or with your aura that comes from your inner peace. Peace and take care.