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Anthropology or Sociology?

book, coffee, and vintage image inspiration, school, and study image
Anthropology, the science of studying human beings and humanity

New England boarding school or Manhattan private school?

dark academia image aesthetic, school, and dark academia image
New England boarding school

Tailored pants or collared shirts?

fashion and outfit image fashion, coffee, and style image
Can I choose both?

Rowboat or bicycle?

aesthetic, dark academia, and brown image Image by mini ell
I always prefer bikes

Red wine or whiskey cocktail?

wine, drink, and aesthetic image wine, drink, and party image
Red wine

The Secret History or The Goldfinch?

Temporarily removed aesthetic image
The Secret History, one of my favourite books

Latin or Ancient Greek?

style image book and dark academia image
Ancient Greek

Staying up late or waking up early to study?

Image by Jarbas Jacare Image by tenderlygirl
Waking up early to study

City campus or college in the middle of nowhere?

architecture and paris image architecture, arquitectura, and london image
City campus

Mysterious new kid or uncanny disappearance?

boy, aesthetic, and handsome image cherry blossom, the vamps, and bradley simpson image
Mysterious new kid

Theoretical astrophysics or abstract mathematics?

hands, aesthetic, and light image aesthetic and write image
Theoretical astrophysics

Notes furiously scribbled by hand or hyper-organized binders?

book, notebook, and photography image diary and notebook image
Hyper-organized binders

Eerily quiet libraries or unsettlingly empty dormitories?

ahhh, hogwarts, and oxford image book image
Eerily quiet libraries

Leather watch or chain bracelet?

casual, classic, and fashion image classic, inspiration, and vintage image
Leather watch

Gothic or neoclassical architecture?

aesthetic, architecture, and italy image building image
Neoclassical architecture

The smell of old or new books?

book, coffee, and tumblr image book, aesthetic, and photography image
I love books and I have no problem buying used books, but I am passionate about the smell of new books

The incessant songs of starlings or the screeching of a lone crow?

aw, bird, and hand image london, travel, and architecture image
The incessant songs of starlings

Too-friendly roommate or too-quiet classmate?

aesthetic and dark academia image friends image
Too-friendly roommate

Pick a class: Francophone Literature of Post-Colonial Algeria or Poetry of the Indigenous Pacific Northwest?

map, book, and aesthetic image poetry, book, and quotes image
Poetry of the Indigenous Pacific Northwest

Making out with your best friend or a stranger?

aesthetic and couple image fashion, dark academia, and couple image
Best friend

Secret diary or hidden typewriter?

typewriter and vintage image aesthetic, vintage, and dark academia image
Hidden typewriter


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